Monday, 25 October 2010

New Vegas: NOT A Broken Glitch Fest.

Hippies, best hunted down and shot.

Despite ALL those people posting on the internets that their copy of Fallout New Vegas is freezing all the time, having numerous glitchs and game breaking bugs i have legged it back to my house in GoodSprings to bring you an update from the Mohave Desert.

I am currently at the 20hr mark and loving it. First off i have had one game freeze which occured after i installed the game to the harddrive and ran it straight away, Killzone also did this! But since i loaded the 1.01 patch and played a 6hr long session i have not had it happen since. The only other thing i have had happen in my 20hrs is a couple of geckos glitched into a rock so just their heads poked out, and you know what, that is the sum of all my problems with playing it on the PS3. Hardly what i would call a broken game!

I don't know what all those griefers are playing it on, probably homebuilt PCs, so there's a lot to be said for gaming on a standard console platform. I also didn't have the catalog of problems previously noted with Fallout 3. I do run two game saves at a time, rotating them every 20 minutes or if i'm about to enter a building, eyes the Statesman Hotel, just in case.

Enjoying the changes to the game, most obviously is the food/eating which instead of being an instant hit disolves HP into your system over time, usually 5 to 25 seconds, this is initially confusing as after eating, the game reports so-and-so has worn off, when in fact it has finished adding HP, another report is when fighting the game reports your AP is low, when in fact it is your HP. pedantic i know. Their is also a recipe crafting system so you can cook up a stew at a camp fire, the workbenches are still there and a new ammo reloading bench so you can make custom ammo, 20g hollowpoint shotgun shell? Clothing has a Damage Threshold as well as Armour Points.

This game gets a big, slightly irradiated, fluffy kitten of approval.

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