Thursday, 19 November 2009

Battlefield Moments Part 2

Really liking the look of Battlefield Bad Company 2. Too bad EA/DICE are being a bit stingy with the beta keys for Europe. Sort it out chaps.

Check out the latest Battlefield Moments video particular, listen out the frankly awesome sound design.



  1. Love the look of it, I never played the first. Anyone recomend it?

  2. It certainly looks like a lot of fun - the baby Battlefield 1942 was cool, but far too small and limited, little more than a tech demo in advance of this. The gameplay was an the forefront, so this should be a corker.

  3. the first game was great and had some quality LOL moments, BUT they have decided to be more serious with this release which makes me think to put it on the 'maybe' pile.

    the basics of the first game was like a remake of Kelly's Heros, you remember, the Clint film were they nab the nazis gold. you accidentally invade a neutral country, you chase tanks around in golf buggies, you fly a gold plated HIND... etc somehow i can't see BBC2 being the same fun personally, sure it may be great, have excelent gameplay, but will it have the fun?

    ps: only played it online for about 1/2hr but offline i've gone through it three times.

  4. Loved the voice acting and sound in general - it has a lot of atmosphere. Do we really need another FPS though? By the time it comes out I guess people will be bored with MW2 (?)

  5. Wat Bad Company Humour =(

    Was looking forward to this...I don'tmind "serious" games but sometimes it's just nice to have that lighter touch to your run ad gun army games.

  6. B:BC was great because it didn't take itself too seriously, i mean the fighting was spot on and driving around worked, but the characters had their tongues firmly in their cheeks. and that ending! just cool as fuck.

    i want to go play it again now :)