Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Firmware 3.10

Facebook! [sad smiley face]

no sign of being able to resize your icons or fonts or get rid of those boxes dumped on your friends list.

Sony are 'listening to customer feedback' apparently. yeah, right.

read more on the Eeeew.blog [here]


  1. MyBook

    Bla blah who cares.

    It's as if the only folks being catered towards are 12-17 year olds.

    *must get perfect shot of myfringe to upload for all my american friend lists to see and depress me over*

  2. :)
    Just saw this on the Ewww blog. Not that bothered about Facebook integration as I don't use Facebook but all the cool kids out there use it apparently so if it increases PS3 sales then it's a good thing. Changes to the friends list are welcome. At least the big ugly grey boxes can now be changed to different colour big ugly boxes.

    @E-Role - I think I found my topic for your magazine - review of firmware 3.10

  3. Join Da Facebook Massiv B.

    I go on there to stalk, the cry at my relatively inferior life, then stalk some more.

    Anyways, Facebook isn't really that special, I see it as Sony just seeing something Microsofies are doing and thinking it's a good idea to follow.

    Not impressed! I want a proper update! WWWAAAAAAAAaaaa!!!

  4. improves playback of some playstation titles...


  5. yeah, because i remember all the kids demanding Facebook in the forums and blogs not that long back....

    why do we still have those fugging boxes though!?
    they serve no point, being able to change their colour is just going to make everyone elses f-list look like a gaypride march. urgh.

    *goes to sit in corner and refuse to update FW*

    and why, as the owner of this console can i not choose which firmware to run without being effectively banned from going online ot to the PSN Store? it's like not being able to use the internets if you don't upgrade to Windows 7 on your PC.

  6. This reminds me of.......


    Great writing and animation I must say.

  7. read my trivial arse drippings! :D

  8. Just read on the EU blog that they're launching support for on-demand TV sites in various (other) countries across Europe in the new firmware. Think iplayer but for other countries.

    Anyway, there's a couple of channels for spain, Netherlands, and for Eastern Europe as well. I'm gonna have to try to access them via foreign accounts (purely for research purposes you understand - not for ogling hot dutch newsreaders or anything of that nature).

    There's even an anim channel called Animax that apparently shows Japanese anim in these countries - Czech/Poland/Hungary/Bulgaria/Romania & Slovakia.
    I know there are some anim fans here - E-ROLE, and others. Problem is that the anim is likely to have subtitles in the local language (not that I can understand what's going on in most of that weird anim stuff, even WITH English subtitles :))