Thursday, 26 November 2009

Happy Birthday World of Warcraft!

Erik Estavillo is suing Activision Blizzard over World of Warcraft. Erik Estavillo is also a funny guy. That or he's crazy. It could go either way.

Estavillo claims the company "continues to maintain a harmful virtual environment to many of its customers by forcing them to follow [World of Warcraft's] sneaky and deceitful practices".

And what could those "sneaky and deceitful practices" be? Walking is one of them, as he feels it takes too long to get from one point to the other in the game world. Because you can only speed up through extended play or buy purchasing an expansion pack, that qualifies as "deceitful".

He also believes that, because of a litany of health problems he suffers from (including OCD, agoraphobia, depression and Crohn's Disease), he's at risk of sharing the fate of Shawn Woolley, an Everquest player who committed suicide in 2001.

The best part follows: to back up his claims, Estavillo has subpoenaed Winona Ryder (who would presumably be able to "explain the significance of alienation in Catcher in the Rye") and Martin Lee Gore, of Depeche Mode ("he himself has been known to be sad, lonely, and alienated as can be seen in the songs he writes").

Best of luck, Erik.


  1. Speaking of sad & lonely, I've just been over to the EU blog for a quick read... I feel soiled!

    somebody hose me down I stink of n00bs and eau de abusive teens :)

  2. @Pablo - If you feel like a laugh read the Playstation Store heads-up post. Poor Mike Kebby does his best to dampen the flames of adolescences' rage week in week out. 31 replies this week - good on him!

  3. Feel sorry for the EU blog lot.....



    Almost.. ^___^

  4. BOO to teh for not letting win the inFamous comic competition.

    the winning entries were pretty good though so i don't feel robbed this time.

    and Mike Kebby, what a star, maybe we could get him in the Crowd DNA GP? seems like he'd fit in a treat.

    and today, today i shall get that lv50 Trophy in Borderlands even if it kills me. which at the current going rate of being killed to death by evil cute Siren girly killing things runs at around a bank account shattering $500,000+ a hit.

    then.. once i do that i shall play the Zombie Island DLC pack, which i have promised not to do as it's a birthday treat for a mate, LAN co-op match this weekend.

    then... i may just about be able to put the thing down and play something else... i don't think it's been out of the drive since i got it.

    GoTY!! you can keep your ModernGenericShooter 2.

  5. @tone

    I can understand both your apathy towards MW2 and your addiction to Borderlands.

    MW2 is unbalanced, populated by complete idiots, features uninspiring level design, does its best to pit two totally unbalanced sides together, etc..., etc...but goddamn, the way the challenges and level progression sucks you in it should definitely be classified a Class C substance, possibly even Class B.

    Got a payback kill with some sticky semtex yesterday, hardy, har, can run, but you'll still go KABLAMMO!!!

    I think I need to lie down. :)