Saturday, 7 November 2009

reviewed like it's 1997

VIDEOGAMES ARE GETTING more sophisticated all the time--with splashy graphics, complex plots, and scary villains. But the real challenge has been to come up with a game controller that lets you easily move around the screen, whether to drop-kick your opponent or get out of his way.

Get ready for The Glove. Developed by Reality Quest in Longmont, Colo., The Glove is shaped like, well, a glove--but with one twist: The device includes a plastic casing cradle that straps onto the hand with Velcro and uses wrist-motion sensing technology to help scoot around a screen.

The Glove is designed for use with Sony Corp.'s PlayStation,

/// Despite being 12yrs old this thing still works with the PS3, how's that for forward planning? you do need to use a PS2 to PS3 joypad adapter mind, but it works! strapping the 'glove' on it feels comfortable still after all this time, the main parts fix around your wrist to pivot and allow l/r u/d hand movement to be translated into left analogue stick or d-pad controls depending on how you have it configured. the face buttons sit under your fingers with l1/l2 r1/r2 operated with thumb control. needless to say, it is total arse trying to play a game with the thing but for controlling your XMB it's quite quick and easy to use. But there we have it, despite tryign to develop a new control system all those years back we are still playing with basically the exact same joypad we did then. does that say something? i'm not sure.

what's the weirdest controller, joystick, dongle you've used in a game?



  1. loved those one handed joysticks you got for the amiga. Used to pwn at Sensi soccer with a lime green effort.

  2. I hated those joysticks - I got a Quickshot arcade type effort for my CPC back in te day and never looked back...

    As for weiredest controller, probably the JogCon. Seriously under-appreciated controller, and hands down the best way to play Ridge Racer Type 4 (and 5, and.. not much else). I've still got mine tucked away in storage. It's on the other side of the world from me, but still - it's MINE.

  3. Steel Battalion.

    40 Button controller.
    Twin Joysticks with inependant analogue aiming nub.
    Gear stick.
    Eject Button.

    And it all lights up!