Sunday, 8 November 2009

Blind Man Sues Sony

"GameSpot reports that a man has sued Sony, Sony Online Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainment of America, contending the company violates the Americans with Disabilities Act for not making its virtual worlds more easily navigable by the visually impaired." [more?]

Next up, deaf man sues Sony Music for not making braille CDs...

Hit the XP 1,000,000+ mark in Borderlands last night and i have also earned over £1,000,000 in-game dollars. currently Lv32 FireFly/PlagueBringer, because everything is better when you torch it, or infect it with toxic green waste :) loving the way i spontaineously ignite now when i kill someone, makes for total panic in an enclosed room. muhahhhaaaa. Got challenged online to a dual by a Lv5 Hunter, i don't think he even had time to draw breath before being slammed with 1000Hp of damage from my very nasty shotgun FTW! It's getting harder and harder to level-up, i think the gap between 32 and 33 is like 85,000xp or something and seems to increase at a rate of 5,000 per level. oh well, just need to KILLZ MOAR! And you just wouldn't believe how arsey i got when i realised i'd lost my best shield! i know it's stupid, but it was a rare item and had saved my neck many times, i think i accidentily drop/swop'd it while gathering up some booty after an arena fight, i had a long and grumpy man sized sulk about that for a good few hours, while kicking myself for not paying enough attention. Strangely that exact same shield came up for sale in one of the shops several hours later, not one like it, but the exact model and spec's. Now if you know that the game runs a randomisation engine for the creation of items/weapons the odds of that happening are mindbending.

"In theory, the infinite improbability drive would make it infinitely improbable that anything would go wrong. It was not successful, however, ending in a "Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure." This was because, in these earlier times when the nature of improbability was less well understood, it was not appreciated that any event that is infinitely improbable will, by definition, occur almost immediately."


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