Friday, 13 November 2009

Final Fantasy 13 Announcement - ETA 4 mins

The countdown on the Square Enix website runs out in a little less than 3 minutes....

update: less than 2 minutes to go...

update: less than a minute, woooooo, the thrill of live reporting...

update: special announcement appears a trailer with some guy talking a lot. Seeing as I am at work, I can't really tell you what it's about.


update: 9th March 2010 release date

update: some sort of Leona Lewis pap to be the theme song...



  1. Just saw they posted a movie. Also at work so I will watch it when I get home. Was expecting something bigger than this after they built up our expectations - e.g a playable demo / online beta or something.

  2. The movie is the most 'stuck up ones arse' movie I've seen since the modern warfare 2 hype train got rolling, a relatively quick release by squares standards though (think ffx--> ffxii).

  3. i was kind of hoping for a demo too. pants. roll on FFXIV

  4. at least we're getting adhocparty soon, maybe i can finally get a go on GT multiplayer then.

  5. I have the money to buy games, i just dont have the time to play games, life sucks..... used to be the other way around last month.

  6. but good to hear you got a job E-Role - how's it going and where are you working?

  7. nice one E-Role, you got the job as CEO of SCEE then :)

  8. @tone

    To get that job all you need is a receding hairline, knowledge that Sony never make a mistake and a left testicle the size of bolton.