Friday, 27 November 2009

Read it and Weep Boyz

Technically i have enough XP for Lv51 now and have gone up a level or so on my small arms and SMG skills too. Even though the $ counter has maxed out at 9,999,999 any dosh you collect goes somewhere, i bought myself a new SMG to mark hitting the big 5-0 and it cost me just north of 1.5 million and it didn't even dent my cash balance, totally worth it though, gonna be ripping some Zombies a new one once i get around to playing The Island of Dr Ned.

I have come to the conclusion that 4 player co-op is full of win.

Currently upgrading the HardDrive in my friends PS3 to 250Gb, installing the back-up as i type, about an hour or so to go.. fingers crossed it all goes to plan as we had to load the Firmware from a USB drive this time, i don't remember having to do that on my PS3, odd, but then again i did format my drive before i nailed it in the consoles casing. i did try to get him to let me load FW1.6 just for shits and giggles but he didn't want to play. boo hiss! :) we could have upgrade afterwards still.



  1. I applaude!

    Now send me your copy...cos i'm poor due to christmas and wish to play!

  2. I'm gonna sulk. Still waiting for my copy to come back. Hopefully later today. Already downloaded Dr Ned's island, though I haven't installed it yet. Think my measly level 23 or 24 (last played so long ago, I forget...) would be absolutely useless against them anyway!

    Still, at least this enforced break gave me a chance to get my Uncharted 2 platinum - and I may well have my Uncharted 1 platinum by the time it arrives too! I've even played some MW2, though that's nowehere near the fun of Borderlands.

  3. @ sketch - but but there's teh second playthrough to finish yet and the DLC and i still haven't rescued all the poor hurtyfied little robots (3 left to find!)

    @ Muggle - i think the Zombies will auto level themselves to your abilities, like in the second playthrough.. maybe.. i have a Lv7 Hunter knocking around so i can test this theory.

    in co-op mode you get MORE of everything and they're tougher too, but that's good because it means more loot and cash to win. never figured i'd make Lv50 this early in the second playthrough, only just about to go to Old Haven! the Crimson Lance won't know what hit 'em :)

  4. @ everyone - i bust my Platinum cherry on Sunday!

    thank you Gearbox, you guys were my first.
    *goes to bathroom to clean up* :D

  5. @tone

    congrats mate. I keep meaning to add to my single plat on Burnout (UC2 is the most likely candidate) but at the moment I am far too lazy/addicted to MW2 to play through again on Crushing.

    Despite all my time on MW2 I am unlikely to get the plat on that, simply because veteran difficulty and some of the spec ops challenges are beyond my ageing reflexes. :(

  6. @Pablo I'm dead same, Burnout is my one, halfway through crushing.

    MW2 keeps calling, "buy meeee"

  7. @tone

    Congrats. Am putting off getting my third platinum (got Burnout and UC2 already). Only need to finish the very last stage on UC1 to get my third, and only got that close because I still haven't got my flippin' Borderlands back! Gonna be a poser, and turn on the facebook synchronisation just before I get the UC platinum though...

  8. heh, showing off with your Platinums! :)

    i don't usually go out of my way due to the fact most dev's put bloody stupid trophies in that you have no chance of getting unless you suffer online for 100's of hours.