Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Vogster Entertainment kills your PSN Account

Today in a stroke of marketing genius Vogster Entertainment decided to give away copies of it's latest and greatest title to promote the wonders of digital only downloads for this title on the PSP.

"Wait, what? FREE?? You bet, but because downloading digital content to your PSP is so darn easy (signed in from the PlayStation Store, select “Redeem Codes”) , we decided to throw in a little extra challenge just to emphasize how easy the actual process is WITHOUT the silly contest challenge. Here are the codes — all you have to do is guess the missing characters. (And yes, there is a pattern related to this posting…)"

The problem was that after the codes had been redeemed and you tried to input your guess as to what the code was, along with it's missing letters, you got served with a big fat 80551056 account blocked message effectively locking you out of the PSN. nice going there Mike Kennedy, if there's an advantage to distribution on a physical medium this counts as one.

Read all the wailing and moaning on the {here} i just hope Vogster can come up with some sort of big choclatey muffin with a cherry on the top way of making up to all those people who now have knackered PSN accounts thanks to them.



  1. That picture just reminds me of watching the film... maybe you're trying to simulate the pain of those with blocked accounts? Ouch.

    It's a pity this didn't work out the way they had planned. What started out as a nice idea is now just another reason for people to make unreasonably nasty comments on the blog.

  2. Vogon, nice call.

    An example of a good idea rushed out without testing, we don't like that.

  3. we shall never speak of the film here, only the books 1-5 and the tv and radio series.

    we do have some standards :)

  4. Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, i want a netbook dropped in my old sack. So what i ask you, you dear dear beloved viewers is what one do you think i should get?

    ideally it should have 1Gb RAM, nice storage, a 1.5Ghz+ Processor and a CD drive. though i am flexible on the CD drive. i plan to run Ubuntu or some Linux variant on it if it doesn't already come with it.

  5. @ tone

    I've been using an Acer Aspire One for past year, and it's been great. I used to work with PCs back in the UK and thought that being without a nice powerfull desktop would criple me, but this little baby has done me proud.

    @ rev667 (and anyone else I guess)

    Have you read any of book 6? I'm considering giving it a go, but after the film I'm a scared of being hurt again :(

  6. i think, mr Adams, after killing all of the main characters, the earth, and every earth in every parallel universe made it quite clear there was to be no more HHGTTG. As far as he was concerned it ends with book 5.

    anything that comes after is just pissing on his grave.

    it's kind of like Mad Max, one and two are a couple, if not, the greatest road wars films ever made. MM:3 was a travesty!!

  7. I really don't get these developers. Do they not go home, sit down, pick up their PSP, log onto PSN, put in the codes etc then find out that they've been blocked and therefore, there's a glitch that they need to fix?

    In other words, do they not do any testing, as if they were an end user trying to go through this process?!

    I find it bizarre, to be honest, and almost as laughable as when gamers have to squint to be able to read text (whatever kind and for whatever purpose) in a game, because when it was developed the guy who decided on the font size was sitting no more than a few inches from his development unit's screen, whereas most gamers would be sitting metres away from the TV screen when they ACTUALLY play the game!

    Doesn't anyone else notice this about text in games? Great if you're sitting right in front of it, barely read it and start struggling if you're sitting far away, because the font is the wrong size for the distance!!

    Nice one, guys...

  8. Font sizes - some are tricky - like in Warhawk - I can never read the numbers on the bases, so if someone shouts, "help on base 3" I've no idea where they want me to go.

    I reckon the developers probably got a telling off from SCEE. It's probably a case that the one setting the contest, i.e. giving out the codes in this cryptic way is not a developer but somebody in the marketing department. Of course it never occurred to them that their account could be locked out (not to mention the battering that the Store must have taken with hundreds of people all messing about with it at the same time).