Thursday, 19 November 2009

Gravity Crash on Tuesday

Facebook? Erm, not bothered.

Gravity Crash available for £6.29 on Tuesday? Oh yeah :)

Sixth Axis have a great preview and more news tomorrow, linkage:

Sorry I've not been about much folks, v busy, but this one I've been looking forward to so badly I have made time, yus-yus.



  1. something odd is happening with my firefox at work, so apologies if this posts twice:

    Can't make my mind up about gravity crash - the gameplay videos have me divided. My eyes say 'yes' my joypad hands say 'looks a bit boring; why aren't we trying to unlock the hearbeat sensor for your SCAR assault rifle?'

    will wait for the definitive mini-review from my threespeech brethren.

  2. i think i'm getting Critter Crunch, should have a spare few quid in the wallet... i hope.

    Gravity Crash, totally, so old school it makes me want to grow a mullet. also, bonus points to the first person to make a giant knob level and share it. :D

  3. I've got the heartbeat sensor :)

    No love for metal gear?

    Snake? Snake!

  4. @mittens

    loving your work in domination sir!

    It's my favourite game mode by far.

  5. Got my eye on Critter crunch after leeching the demo from the US store a couple of weeks back. Let us know if this one's any good Jimmy and I'll shortly post my thoughts on Critter Crunch.

  6. Likewise amigo, Domination and sabotague are prty awesome... need to get more cc/ts folk playing tho!

  7. can't get passed lv5 of the CC demo, don't think i'll need the full version :)

    it's damn addictive mind.

  8. Gravity Crash is here! Had 15 minutes on it so far, nice game - likey.

  9. Gone done the Campaign mode - gg