Monday, 23 November 2009

Playstation 4 NOT Cell Powered

IBM's Cell processor may have helped break a few records and find its way into everything from video game consoles to TVs at the same time, but it looks like things could be about to change in a fairly big way for Big Blue's groundbreaking chip.

According to Heise Online, IBM Vice President of Deep Computing David Turek has confirmed that the company's current PowerXCell-8i processor will be the last of its kind, and that there will not be a successor with dual PowerPC processors and 32 SPEs as originally planned.

Slightly less clear, however, is the future of the Cell program in general, which will apparently live on in "another form" -- to which Turek reportedly added, somewhat vaguely, "the future is hybrid," although we're fairly certain he's not talking about cars.



  1. I think by hybrid he means that the CPU and GPU (Graphics processor) will be on one chip as opposed to two (which is what we have in the PS3). This makes sense for a console or a TV since for those there's no reason to upgrade the graphics card (as you might in a PC). So having everything on the same chip saves money and simplifies the architecture.

    Whatever they're planning I hope that it doesn't mean huge architectural changes compared to the PS3. Such changes would mean that game developers have a tough time getting to grips with new hardware. The result is few and crappy quality launch titles and a long wait for something decent to come out! (of which we're all familiar)

    I wonder what Sony have in mind as the killer feature of the PS4 anyway. They have to do something different from their competitors. Will there be an emphasis on 3D gaming this time? 3D seems like a hot area at the moment.

  2. PS4 or any next gen console has two distinct areas of development which we should be concerned with (1) the raw crunch, which for a Playstation will always be 'more', and (2) dare I say, gimmicks. We've got a long way to go with PS3, what with the bobble-wand and 3D coming - let alone other controllers, online developments, home becoming worthy of more than a ten minute look etc.

  3. @ reakt - i think 3D will well and truly arrive this generation, Sony are gonna be pushing the 3d enabled sets next year with promises to run it on 'normal' hd screens later, once they realise the uptake of the new 3d sets isn't as good as they thought i guess :D i think it's a gyp seeing as using those active shutter glasses we had 3d on crt 60hz sets a couple of years back. just another way to fleece the punters i guess.