Wednesday, 6 January 2010

10 PS3 Exclusives for 2010

Well, we all know the PS3 is getting an awesome games line up this year but what of the ones that only we in the elite PS3 owners club are going to get, that's right, that fabled exclusive titles. Here is a run down of my top 10 for this year, feel free to add any that ain't listed.

1: The Last Guardian - it's like nothing you will find on any other format.
2: God of War III - needs no explanation, Kratos is back and madder then hell.
3: Heavy Rain - will it turn out to be the biggest flop of the year?
4: Gran Turismo 5 - car porn so good you can almost smell the synthoil.
5: Modnation Racers - play.create.share customisable kart racing fun.
6: Demons Souls - out all over the planet except here so far, hardcore!
7: Final Fantasy XIV - could be the console MMORPG we've all wanted.
8: Agent - it's by R* North what more could you want?
9: MAG - all about the gang fights and pew pew pew online with 256 people.
X: The Agency - maybe we'll finally get to play this MMOG this year.


1 comment:

  1. I'll add Dead Nation from House Marque games

    (It's a zombie game by the guys who did super stardust HD)