Tuesday, 12 January 2010

So Now That CES is Over, The Revolution Begins?

Further to its 3D-themed launches out at CES in Las Vegas, Sony has announced plans to offer showcases of its 3D home experience to consumers across Europe.

Under its plans to bring 3D to the home by mid-2010, Sony says it will become the first manufacturer in Europe to showcase 3D, with demo areas to be set up in its flagship SonyStyle stores.

"From January at six SonyStyle Stores throughout Europe, visitors and 3D enthusiasts will be able to experience the next generation of 3D home entertainment first-hand, viewing demonstrations of music, movies, games, football and television programming in stunning high definition 3D", says Sony.

As far as the UK goes, Sony's showcase can be found - from 12 January - as the SonyStyle store at Heathrow's Terminal 5, and will no doubt offer gadget-loving flyers an interesting distraction from the tedium of the airport.

As well as 3D-capable Sony Bravia TVs and 3D-capable Blu-ray players, Sony says its 3D experience "will encompass an entire family of 3D compatible products, including PlayStation 3... Vaio notebooks and Cyber-shot digital still cameras".

Get ready for the biggest change to our television viewing since colour TV came on the scene. Soon we can expect 3D television viewing in the home to be the norm.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, 3D was the big buzz word amongst some of the major television companies and Sony reckon they’re leading the way.

Sony demonstrated 3D television at the CES by having Taylor Swift perform on stage whilst cameras relayed her performance live onto the screen in 3D.

“We intend to take the lead in 3D,” said Howard Stringer CEO of Sony and it looks like they really mean it.

Sony has also just announced that along with Discovery and IMAX they will be launching a 3D television channel next year in 2011. They also have plans to create a technology centre to inform Hollywood on production techniques for 3D.

Not only that, they are also going to be working with CBS to carry out research which will identify what consumers actually want to gain from having the 3D viewing experience at home.

Later this year Sony are releasing their range of 3D HDTVs although we don’t know what they will cost we do know that Sony’s BRAVIA LCD HDTV range of 3D HDTVs involves 38 models with screen sizes ranging from only 22 inches right up to 60 inches.

“Sony’s 3D HDTVs leverage the breadth and depth of the company’s expertise to create an entirely unique experience at home that draws you closer to entertainment than ever before,” said Jeff Goldstein, vice president for Sony’s television business.

“Sony will continue to own the living room by delivering TVs that work synergistically; both in function and design.”

Other companies harping on about 3D at the Consumer Electronics Show included Panasonic and Samsung.

Panasonic plan to release 3D plasma HDTVs later in the year as well as 3D Blu-ray disc players. Again we don’t know what they are likely to cost. Panasonic are also going to be selling a 3D camcorder that can be used to create 3D content.

Samsung revealed details of their complete 3D home entertainment system which will also be available later in the year and happily showed off their thinner than thin LED TVs.

They will also work with Technicolor and DreamWorks Animation on promoting content for 3D viewing at home.


  1. I was hoping they were going to do this. So I have to go to Heathrow terminal 5 to sample some of their 3d goodness. Why can't they bring this to my local SonyStyle store in the all happening, exciting town of Basingstoke? (big up the Blazing Smoke, etc...)

    Well hopefully they'll be adding more and more locations for the demos. I really want to try it out. I read on BBC that some people reported feeling sick after watching 3D movies. I expect that they've blown it all of proportion as usual - it's probably rare. I hope I'm not one of the select few that gets sick from watching it anyways. Imagine shelling out loadsa dosh as an early adopter on a 3d TV then sitting down to watch your first movie and barfing your guts up!

    A lot of stuff came out of CES. My favourite video was the one where the BBC reporter broke the "unbreakable mobile phone" (google it!). Also did you guys see the life-sized sex robot that was on show (actually not at CES - I believe the "adult entertainment industry" have their own show at the same time as CES and literally around the corner from it. Anyway, I had to laugh at that - at least they could try to make it attractive to look at!

  2. yeah, bet 3D gaming is not too great for people with motion sickness.

    Liking the idea of SSDHD 3D, but it's all a bit of a gimmick isn't it?

  3. @ reakt - shall make it my mission to bother my local SonyStyle store until they get one in stock, think i'll break out the posh suit and make out i'm interested to see if i can blag a free home demo :D

    as for motion sickness? damn, i'm ok thanks too many 3D cinema visits, the first time is always the worst, i broke out in random tears the first time i watched a 3D movie but have been fine since.

    Sickness was stated as the reason they killed off the whole Virtual Reality thing. just think how advanced that would be now if they haden't!

    gimmicky? maybe, but then so are iPhones :)

  4. I get motion sickness when watching certain games. Resistance 2 for example. I'm OK playing it but if I watch my wife (or anyone else) play then I very quickly feel sick!

    The other problem with 3D TV is that it's technology push rather than Market pull. I.e. it's nothing that people have been asking for but rather something that tech companies can now provide and have decided that people will want to buy it when they see it. It will either do well, like HDTV and Blu-ray or be a complete flop, like 3G video telephony!

    @Tone - Good idea wearing your suit to the Sony store to try to get a home demo! Maybe worth a try!

  5. i feel sick watching Resistance 2, but for completely other reasons. R1 was just fantastic then they americanised it *pukes* :P

    tech push? ah, but people don't know what they want until you give it to them. i know a guy whos a complete audiophile and has an amazing rig (52" plasma, ps3, huge 7.1 system, and a Wii running on the 'spare' 50" plasma!!) and he's holding off for a couple of years on the 3D but says it's gonna be great for gamers.

    i've just opened an eSavings account labeled 'tv fund'

  6. @tone

    Never played Resistance 2 as it seemed a bit poo & rushed. Best bit of the first game was coming across a random sniper dood who shouted "This one's for Sheffield!"

    I've opened a book on which will be the bigger flop this year, Natal or 3D gaming.

    Anyone seen Sketchy? If you are reading this mate, did you get my email?

  7. and yet it seems the devs didn't understand it was that kinda thing that really made the first game great. making everything bigger and more orientated towards the american market killed it's soul. i dread to think what R3 will be like.

    as for Sketchy, i'm sure he was last seen in LDN peddling his services down near the docks to pay for a new Playstation ;P

    either that or the dirty traitor is hanging out on xbox360 owners sites -muhah-

    ps: Resistance on broke my PS3 online cherry, it seemed back then people were up for a laugh instead of being leader board uber pwner dudes who have to win at any cost.

  8. pps: i'll have 10 beer token on Natal failing. didn't we decide it's pants already with the Eyetoy series of 'games'