Monday, 4 January 2010

Rios and Salem Hit LDN

my new gaming year starts next week with the much waited for new Army of TWO.
[mobile*fist bumping*tone]


  1. Nice Laaandun VT.

    Have a m8 who loved the first Army Of Two, watching with interest...

    As a latecomer to MW2 I've just completed the campaign on Hardened and level 12 or so in multiplayer. Special Ops are tough! I'm faming for rush rush rush, maybe if I get all snipery I'll do better.

  2. Played the first one on a mate's xbox. Did the tutorial but found the whole "Agro" thing annoying and somewhat unrealistic! Co-op is still a lot of fun though. This'll be one of those titles that drops below 25quid, 3 weeks after release - my prediction.

  3. @ reakt - it was s'posed to be realistic??? :D

  4. Well I guess not, not, but yunno, the bits where you get your partner to distract the bad guys whilst you creep up behind them and shoot them in the back. Do they even turn around to see whose shooting at them? Unrealistic is the wrong term.