Thursday, 21 January 2010

Thursdays Aint The Same

Remember how we used to be able to sit around and laugh and joke and point at the lack of content on the PSN Store? Well those days are long gone with Sony pushing more content in the form of Minis, Comix, film rentals and downloads but there is one unbending constant in all of this and that is a lack of decent demos, you'd think with all the blockbuster titles dropping in the next few months the companies would be getting their stuff out there, or maybe they are and nothing has rocked my boat just yet, or maybe the hype machine no longer needs demos for the masses

Maybe it's going to be a case of too many games and not enough time or money to get them, what ones to buy and what to leave on the 'i'll get it when the price drops' list. I know one thing, we are not going to be short for great games in the front half of the year, hopefully GT5 will drop before June *fingers crossed*

And this year is the year 3DHDTV drops on upsuspecting consumers, i guess gamers are going to be the early adoptors in this technology field, until the 3D Porn starts to hit the shelves that is, mmmmm, 3D porn... i've set my own personal size/price spec to 40" and a cool 1K, better get saving hard! Are you interested in getting on the 3D train or are you going to wait and see how it all pans out?

Engadget have a great article on 3D



  1. Nabbed modnation racers beta today - got in quick then waited for 2 hours for the thing to download as me and 99,999 others all tried to leech it at the same time. Anyway I've had a quick go and it looks like fun. Doesn't have the wow-factor of LittleBigPlanet in terms of the graphics but looks to be a good little game with the creating and sharing elements (will that be enough to make this a big seller - I'm not sure). Anyway, it's only the beta - maybe the finished version WILL bowl me over.

  2. @reakt

    Did manage to get it in the end but not had chance to play other than a quick lap/jump around the menu screen. Lots & lots of loading going on when you first start the game, but I suppose that's the price you pay for having all those assets ready and waiting for you to customise.

    Too used to MW2 - you can get from the XMB into the multiplayer in about 20 sections.

  3. also dl'd Modnation Racers, tried a quick time trial, will go proper this w/e.

    Agreed tone there is plenty in the store, but I don't seem to care about much of it - I waited a long time for Gravity Crash and Shooter, bought em and caned em in moments. More of those please!

  4. I think the loading screens are very slow in Modnation racers beta. I'm sure this will improve before they release the full game.