Tuesday, 5 January 2010

It's fun to say "Bitchin!"

1995 Namco PlayStation Promo Video



  1. Ah, happy days. I was post degree, working in IT and in a super rowdy band (3 guitars and me on the decks), smoking, drinking and shaving seconds off Ridge Racer - joy!

    Now it's self employed, wife and kid, sneaking up late to nab an hour on MW2 - also joy!

  2. whoa dude!
    Brought back some memories.
    I walked to work today - 2 miles thru thick snow (20cm). There's normally a couple of hundred people working here. So far there's just the 3 of us! I'd better get a medal for this!

  3. Just come back from my 3 hour lunch break at the pub (well no managers in the office!) :)

  4. Oh what a day i've had, made a snow bear with my neighbour, crash into a car on the way to work (only gently tho), got stuck in my Boss's garden and ripped up most of it trying to drive out of it and done a 180 in tescos car park. Brilliant so far!!!

  5. "sorry, i just had an LSD flashback."


    dont you hate when that happens :D

    the PSX killed my 3DO system!! that was 425 squid down the tubes, i still say the 3DO was better :) i was working in a model aircraft company ~(they made unmanned arial military drones too) and i was living with a girl who worked at the local 24hr garage. simpler times indeed. first 3DO game i played was Road Rash, those sexy 3d landscapes were amazing. can't remember when i got a psx, i blame the copius amounts of cheap good drugs back then :)

    ps: what snow? none here -haha-

  6. *blinks*

    *looks out of window*


    white out.