Friday, 1 January 2010

PS3 2010 Games Outlook


  1. finished the 'playthrough 2' in Borderlands... there is no playthrough 3.. mind you everything in the game, even baby skaggs are level 50/51 now. completed Zombie Island x2.

    i have a truck full of gold rarity weapons, squillions of virtual credits, even found the hidden 'gearbox' gun, it's pants.

    i have over 6,000,000 XP and an SMG level of 32 and 48 storage deck spaces

    consider that game pwned.

    liking my new netlapbookthing, Sempron 1.5Ghz chip, 1Gig RAM, ATI Radeon Graphics, 160Gig HD, 11" screen, 3hrs on a full charge. basically the same as my old tower system but in a nifty size.

  2. Borderlands is videogame crack methinks, how many hours is it now tone?

    You get the netbook over xmas? I'm looking to invest in a newone myself...

  3. @mittens - lost count after i blitzed through the 100hrs mark, wonder why it doesn't have an 'hours played' counter like most other games like that.

    roll on new the DLC on Thursday :D

    yeah, got the new netlapthing for myself, it's an Akoya, never heard of them but it had the right numbers on the side of the box and was 220 credits.

  4. started MGS4 yesterday... just killed the mental sexy bird in the Octocam gear. still not sure if i am really enjoying it though. the cut scenes are fantastic, but the actual gameplay seems to be lacking/wrong in many areas, the HUD is overly intrusive on the screen, the shooting in fps mode looks/feels off. the 3rd person camera is really shady at times, and it feels really sluggish plus Snake can't run or jump!.. maybe i am wrong, maybe i am playing it all wrong?

    *stares blankly at manual*

  5. @tone

    I can't remember most of MGS4 as it was that long ago I completed it. I do remember an amazing cutscene involving boats & helicopters - not sure if you've seen it yet so I'll say no more.

    But yeah I agree about snakes movement, I think through playing things like prince of persia/drakes/ass creed (even KZ2) etc... we are used to characters moving in a more fluid and context sensitive way.


    Did you buy Vagrant Story? I did as criminally I didn't play it first time around. Combat system reminds me of another pablo favourite, Parasite Eve 1 & 2. Now dem waz sum gamesz!

  6. Parasite Eve...Holy Grail of game storylines >.<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AYA BREA FTW!!!!

  7. I loved MGS4 but wouldn't revisit - the first PS3 game which looked like a PS3 game, if that makes sense. Compared to the frantic play of MW2 (which I got this week FINALLY) which still manages healthy stealthy play, I can see why you might not 'get it' tone. Enjoy the story and go with the flow!

  8. @ pablo-Yeah I bought vagrant story, friggin ace isn't it! The psone at the height of its powers i say...

    @mobiletone- i'm looking into a samsung one for about 400 sheets but will scout out some ayoka goodness...As for mgs4, well, I guess our views have all been changed after playing arguably the greatet 3rd person shooter of all time, uncharted 2 (yes i'm still gay for drake) but at the time I assure you MGS4 had close to awesome mechanics... All i can recommend is sticking with it till the end and then making your mind up...

    To all, thanks to a certain ladyfriend from the far east I now find myself in possession of not only Bayonetta for the ps3, but Final friggin Fantasy XIII too... Don't fancy getting into the whole epic RPG just yet but bayonetta is getting pwnd this weekend, after a most epic workshift of 12 hours tonight :'(

    Have a good one and don't get involved in any drunken punchups/ car crashes tonight around south london, as it may be me having to patch you up!

  9. MGS4 update... joypad thrown on floor in disgust and game shouted at.

    today i:- spent 2hrs following some resistance bloke around an empty eastern europe town to find big mama, that was fun *coff*

    the following cut scenes where big mama explained big boss were ruined due to the voices not playing back correctly, they were so so very quiet, so all i could do was sit and watch the pretty graphics and listen to sound effects.

    then wasted another 1.5hrs playing the original MGS heliport level on shadow moses, only to get pissed off and quit to find thats the only way to progress. i was not a happy bunny after that.

    killed boss dog wolf girl beauty after hiding under an apc in the snow for a long time...

    got inside the REX base, started fighting Vamp and really noticed just how off the controls and camera felt as that got me killed off a few times, it felt cheap dieing like that. that's when i threw my pad.

    the story and filmic stuff is absolutely amazing, not sure i can deal with actually playing it anymore without getting really frustrated at the lack of control.

    i have Parasite Eve 2 if anyone wants to make me an offer :)

  10. Tone, you can do the heliport by just going through the vent like you did in the original mgs :S, 2 minutes to do tops...

    Out of interest how are you playign the game, First person aiming? Auto-aim on?

  11. @mittens - heh, yeah, i know that now :D i just figured there was some trick Hideo was playing, seems there wasn't after all.

    i finally figured out the settings and jacked everything up to 7 and turned auto aim on, made the world of difference to playing.

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