Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Biggest Disappointment of 2009 was...


It is hard to express in words how amazing I thought Brutal Legend would be. Psychonauts made me an instant fan of Tim Schaefer and is one of my favorite games from the last generation. Couple that with a game based on Metal, which happens to be my favorite genre, and you have a game that seems tailor made for me to love it. Unfortunately what I got was a weak Real Time Strategy game with very little strategy and a disappointingly unfunny storyline. Sure the game was still ok, but it was not what I had hoped for, and the rest of the staff agree, so Brutal Legend is the PS3’s biggest disappointment for 2009.

what game personally kicked you square in the nads?


  1. I haven't actually bought a game in a long time that I wasn't 99% certain I was gonna be satisfied with (the original Assassin's Creed in 07 being the last) before purchase. Uncharted2, Ninja Gaiden2, MW2, etc all performed/impressed pretty much how I thought they would. Even last year's PSN Store releases (Flower, Zombie Apocalypse, Pixeljunk Shooter, etc) have given me enough playtime for me to consider them money well spent.
    The only game I haven't spent as much time on as I'd have liked was Eyepet, my (3 year old) daughter wasn't as taken by it as I'd hoped. To be fair, some of the actions can be kinda tricky to master and the setting up (correct lighting/dark carpet issue, PS Eye position, required space, etc) has seen it getting relegated further & further down the shelves since it's release.
    Generally, 09 was a good year to own a PS3 I think :)

  2. My biggest disappointment was a complete lack of JRPGs to sink my teeth into.

    Hopefully 2010 should resolve that with FF13, Resonance of Fate and Star Ocean all coming out in the next three months. Not sure why we aren't getting an EU release for Tales of Vesperia but there you go.


    Some great games last year as you mentioned, and like you say, it can be fairly straightforward to dodge the turkeys!

    Loved - Killzone 2, Flower, Modern Warfare 2 (seriously, someone confiscate my disc!), Uncharted 2, Street Fighter 4

    Not bothered about - Far Cry 2 (why were you so boring?)

    Not really had time for - Infamous (but seems great from what I have played), R&C Crack in Time, Operation Flashpoint 2

  3. It's so easy to avoid the MEH that little has actually disappointed - with all the triple A's I've not bought much aside from top stuff. Actually there are AAA's which I've had to leave on the shelf...

  4. last year was definitly better for gaming, i got some real horrors in 2008, infact i feel pangs of guilt when i'm in the store and they are still sitting on the trade-in shelf, no one is ever going to buy them, worst offenders were Blitz 2: The League, and some horse racing thing from Koei..

    i don't mind taking a gamble on new IPs you never know when you'll find a hidden classic, really liked Golden Axe for one, and Mirrors Edge.

    @ pablo - you forgot 3D Dot Heros :) i really need to get back to inFamous too, lots of fun.