Saturday, 9 January 2010

Borderlands vs Codehunters

It's a fine line between inspiration and blatently ripping something off no? as my old art teacher used to say - good artists borrow, great artists steal...

"I would like to thank news sites who chose to share the awesome work in Code Hunters with their readers. It's great content and one can no doubt imagine that a number of artists and designers at Gearbox were inspired and influenced by it. It was inspiring to me when "The Incredibles" was clearly a big source of influence for titles like Battlefield Heroes and Team Fortress 2 (and other amazing games and media). Perhaps with more attention from gaming news sites and other sources, Code Hunters can be more respected and honored for their innovation and leadership in CG as well. Maybe I'm too optimistic to believe that Code Hunters can get as much attention as Pixar (with due respect I believe they deserve), but with the help of gaming news sites and others who care about great content, maybe more people can notice and recognize and, perhaps, be inspired by it." - Randy Pitchford

show some love by visiting the Codehunters site for inspiring the sexiest looking game of last year.


just uploaded a video of my character's stats : 7,000,000+ xp, lv50 and 35 rare gold weapons.[HERE]

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