Sunday, 3 January 2010

ThreeSpeech: Blog of the Patriots (if we were anime)

Time to take the lights down, recycle the beer cans, shred the xmas cards and get back to what's important.. blogging about games and tech again, and here we are, the dawn of a new decade, the decade of the PS3.. well, until the next console comes out :)

Just copied my video software to new netbook, bunging paintshop on later, already have it 90% set-up to mimic my tower pc, liking the hdmi output that's a nice touch! infact U3S will probably be blogged from this machine over the span of the year.

Seeing as we're into a new year i have to ask, what are the 3 games you are looking forwards to? personally it has to be Gran Turismo 5 (sometime next xmas -haha-) for me, there is no better driving game series in existence. The next game is Army of Two (2) as the first game was fun, under rated and a good laugh, to me that's important, having fun in games is what it's all about. The last choice.. tricky as there are a lot of big names and titles dropping, Heavy Rain, FFXIII, more COD no doubt, but i'm going with Star Ocean: The Last Hope - International because i haven't played a decent Jap game since Phantasy Star Universe on the ps2.

i woke up this morning and had the word to describe MGS gameplay, Clunky. That's not to say i'm giving up just yet, i looked up how to kill Vamp on the intarwebs, what a gyp! hey Hideo, tell us he's suseptable to nano machines in the cut scene before we fight him, not AFTER! you see it's things like that that bug me about that game. i guess if you're really into MGS universe you'd know things like that, hrumph.

I started 2009 playing Mirrors Edge, 2010 is Metal Gear Solid 4, chalk and cheese.



  1. Three games, FFXIII in english, Heavy rain tickles my fancy as well as the Last Guardian if it makes it out in time...Gran turismo tho, not feeling it whatsoever, the very japanesey structure of the game will have to be overhauled for me to be interested...

    Star ocean!? Oh dear... Having played it on the 360 i'd say stick to FFXIII but thats just me! Also amazed you liked phantasy star universe! Did ya play it online?

    As for MGS4, well it's pretty harsh to criticise the fourth game in such a high profile series for playing to its fans, but to be fair, I had to look online and ask friends how to beat him too, Noone uses the damn syringe in the game! But then again its hideo and who can forget Psycho Mantis, The sorrow and all the other ways he's fucked with us in games!

    What about everyone else, Stoked for Bioshock 2? Bayonetta? FFXIV!? A castlevania game directed and produced by Kojima!? GOW3! A new Kingdom Hearts game exclusive to PS3 (whisper it...shhhhhhh)...

    So much to look forward to... Here's to a great year!

  2. Three eh? Red Dead, Mod Nation Racers and Bioshock 2 - in that order.

  3. hmm ***checks preorders***

    My personal highlight for 2010 will be John Sketch getting a new PS3, but for gaming (in no particular order) I'll go for:

    Final Fantasy 13 (Though I can't believe there's no Japanese language track in the English version. The dub is crap and anyone who argues otherwise is WRONG!) :)

    Gran Turismo 5. Surely we can round up enough people to form a Mad Max-style road gang!

    The Last Guardian. Ueda is good at this video game malarky.

    Also looking forward to Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy 14, Nier Replicant, Castlevania, Resonance of Fate, EU release of BlazBlue, Dead Rising 2 and playing through all my games from last year I barely touched (Operation Flashpoint 2, Infamous, and R&C: A Crack in Time).

    All this gaming is dependent on whether I can overcome my addiction of MW2 though. ;)

  4. (cheers pablo *sobs*....saving up for a PS3slim! should be back up and running soon enough! >.<!!!

    my 3 most top rated want to play?

    Ratchet and Clank: crack in Time (missed it due to ps3)

    Final Fantasy 13

    Alpha Protocol (yeah i know - not one you'd expect!...but obsidian have done good work in the past taking ideas off Bioware and so I have no reason to believe their Mass Effect clone would fare anyworse!)

  5. damn, forgot about Red Dead, defo on the list!

    finished MGS4 but i was probably a bit hard on the game to start with but it finally clicked about halfway through, not the worlds greatest MGS fan mind, still haven't played Sons of Liberty despite owning it for years :( my main issues were with the default control settings, going back to play it again in a month or so i think. took me 22hrs to complete. and yes, it was an epic game after all.

    Hideo, you're a total bastard. -haha- someone hire the man a video director/editor!

    still feel i didn't get the most i could have from the experience though.

    *goes to fry some eggs*

  6. @Tone - MGS4 never clicked with me but I didn't even get past the first boss. I got bored and played something else! Maybe I'll give it another shot... someday...

    Happy New year guys. As for Games. I'm currently getting into Batman Arkham Asylum (great!). This year I'll be mostly looking out for small PSN titles I guess. I like the originality and cheap cost. Plus I don't know if I'll have enough time to invest in the big hitter titles to do them justice!

    Modnation racers also looks like a lot of fun!

  7. Heavy Rain
    Modnation Racers
    God of War III
    I'll definitely be grabbing GT5, Bioshock 2, etc. But these three will be the first big titles I buy this year.
    I'm hoping we hear something from Dylan Jobe soon too (Starhawk?)

  8. @ Divine - Starhawk could be interesting, especially if it has a single player campaign.

    Modnation shows promise so far despite never being able to log into the race servers in the beta.. the track/avatar editor tools work really well though plus i've been running races with bots.

    @ reakt - i almost ejected the disc at boss one, the octocam beauty, it was tedious, shoot boss then wander around for five minutes, shoot again wander around again... i don't remember the other MGS games being that bad.

    i hope Metal Gear Rising is better, i have a man crush on Raiden {:D

    "Lightning Bolt Action" couldn't get any slower *smirks*

  9. @Divine - oh yes, Starhawk! I'm constantly checking the lightbox interactive website for news but they haven't updated it for ages. I'm not looking forward to another twisted metal game if that's what they've got up their sleeves! A sequel to Warhawk (the best multiplayer game on PS3 in my opinion) would be just awesome

  10. I'll forth the Starhawk call (hello Devine, welcome to our world) - if it brings a MW2 quality lobby/matchmaking system to the Warhawk world with some smoother graphics than last time, it's win all the way. They must not break it!

    I'd kill to beta test that particular monkey..

  11. i wonder if we'll ever get a new 'Elite' i did write to DB but he wouldn't confirm if they were working on it but hinted at it.

  12. Whhhooooaaaa, Did I just see a little bit of Goldenboy in that clip?!! Kick ass!