Thursday, 7 January 2010

Car Pr0n: Hey Forza we're Coming Through


  1. I cannot wait for this game. Loving the new physics system in the GT Academy. Not that I am the greatest GT player around. I think my fastest time with the tuned car is 1.44 but even that was a very sloppy lap. I reckon I could shave another 2/3 seconds off but that's about as far as my ability would take me.

    Was playing this round at a mate's house who is a bit of a Tone-esque beast at GT games. After 10 laps he only about 4 seconds off the top times, this is despite having never driven on the Indy track before. Really like how you can bring the tuned car back from the brink if you push it too hard (provided you have enough track left). Makes me feel like Andy Rouse!

    Must admit I have never really been a fan of Forza. Had the first one on my Xbox and it just didn't do anything for me. I missed my lounge jazz fusion menu music!! :)

  2. just looked up my times in gt acadamy

    tuned: 1.42
    normal: 1.55

    not a fan of the Nissan Z personally for racing but it's a beast at drift events.. watching my replay and i'm drifting the arse on it out on nearly every corner. looks cool as fuck though, if you can't win - lose in style :D