Friday, 22 January 2010

OnLive Update

Some PC journo got to try the Online beta recently. Needless to say, one of the issues he had was with lag. Though to be fair, he does borrow the beta login from a friend as he lives outside the recommended area for his data centre.

Read his full account here.



  1. sounds like it'll be ok for a game of Myst :)

  2. i downloaded the HAWX video and... onLive does looks much the lesser version to play, most noticeable was the frame rate and overall quality of the image.

    plus from the sounds of it onLive is rendering the games with some of the grapics settings dialed down. hmmm.

  3. Unfortunately I think this will one day be the future of gaming - having everything rendered off-site in some huge farm of servers out in the desert somewhere. Google are probably already building it as I type.