Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Gun Pr0n: We need more of it in games.

some games let you customise your weapon with a new scope or a silencer (MGS4) but compared to the in-game options in Army of TWO all other attempts just fail in comparison. The only way AoT could be even better would be to have a couple of hot bad arse chicks replace Rios and Salem.

So, what hot weapon toting birds would you get to front our alternate version?

Personally i would opt for Ruby from WET for being handy with a gun and very flexible, the other would have to be Kai from Heavenly Sword for the long range snipering and giggling insanity.



  1. haha nice. But how would he fire the shotty attachment with that big ammo drum in the way?!?!?

    I thought MW2 was the king of (semi-realistic) gun Pr0n but it seems I was wrong.

    Currently in the throes of a massive MW2 addiction. Praying for more snow tonight so I don't have to go into work tomorrow and I can crack level 60. Our building is old and crap and doesn't cope well with extremes of temperature. Fingers crossed.

    For anyone interested, at the moment I am rockin:

    Bushmaster ACR with FMJ (for extra penetration don'tcha know!)
    M9 as a sidearm
    Stun Grenades

    Scavenger Pro (Extra Mags & ability to pick up ammo from fallen foes)
    Stopping Power Pro (ACR needs it - Extra damage against people & vehicles)
    Ninja Pro (silent footsteps & invisible to heartbeat sensors)

    Predator Missile
    Harrier Strike

    Final Stand

    Also have a nice stealth class with cold-blooded pro and stinger missile launcher for those pesky choppers/harriers!


  2. haha I keep seeing you online pablo, I'm rocking a newbies level 12 or so, still playing with the first couple of weapons and the copycat perk, but I'm pretty kewl at killing level 60's dont cha know...

    and.... it's SNOWING!

  3. @MrJ

    Had to take a breather as the missus wants to watch Poirot!

    Not done much spec ops so if I can tear myself away from the multiplayer I'll be up for some co-op.

  4. Fartypants kitten5 January 2010 at 21:54

    hello, just testing my iMac pro keyboard/mouse on my mini laptop.

    it works. cool.

  5. of course nothing beats Borderlands for gun pr0n :)

  6. sorry tone, we do tend to go off topic rather quick, just like the original threespeech!

    I did like the AO2 guns - shineeeeeeeeeee

  7. i have much kitten love, going to download CoD Classic in a bit, i gameshare with someone :)

    it feels naughty. but good.