Thursday, 18 February 2010

A bit of light reading!

Collectors Editions eh!?!

Limited edition consoles, crappy 'art' cards or a soundtrack featuring Leona Lewis! What depths will publishers sink to next...getting us to buy limited edition strategy guides?

Oh, well ok then, I'll take one.

Just hope it turns up on the same day as the game now. In a moment of sheer, brilliant coincidence, I am off work THE DAY FF13 IS RELEASED & THE DAY AFTER. Thank you window-fitting gods!

11 hours into my warmup (cough***Star Ocean***) but may need to pick up the pace a little as I'm not even at the second boss yet! Still, tis an enjoyable romp so far and recommended if you've got a spare 30-40 gaming hours before 9th March.


  1. Also have the Limited Edition Blazblue: Calamity Trigger on preorder. Comes with a nice artbook & tutorial DVD.

    Did try to blag a 'review' copy (purely for U3S research purposes of course) but after some initial contact with the publishers it seems I've been fobbed off!

    Any special/limited/collectors editions preordered amongst you?

  2. don't think i've ever bought a collectors/limited edition of a game. let alone have any on pre-orders.

    i do have some game related figures though, does that count?

    guide wise i has the Killzone book and one for Oblivion.

    hang on, i've got the 'gold' edition of Battlefield Bad Company. yay.

  3. oh oh, and i have the GT4 guide, that's awesome.

  4. I got the GTA IV collectors edition (google it), this was great as most of the stuff could be put to use in real life.

    I've also got a metal cased resi evil, great for 'skinning up', a young street hoodlum mentioned yesterday

  5. Wished the FinalFantasyXIII PS3 was coming to te UK =(

  6. the FFXIII limited console is rather pretty looking

  7. yeah it looks kewl. We never seem to get any different coloured consoles though. :(

    @Mr J

    A GTA4 collectors edition with stuff you could put to use in real life...

    ...ponders...balaclava? baseball bat? rocket launcher?

  8. holdall bag, key fob, lockable bank deposit box, kilo of heroin - one of these is a lie...

  9. the price of collectable editions i'd expect at least an ounce of fine china white in the box.