Wednesday, 3 February 2010

GT5, Sometime before Xmas!? The Bastards!

Gran Turismo 5 looks like being delayed once more according to the latest from Sony. Word is it won’t now be arriving until this autumn.

Sony Entertainment Portugal CEO James Armstrong told Canarias Al Dia (via GT Planet) that the long-awaited-many-times-delayed racer looks like arriving this “fall”, though Sony has “not yet decided.”

By “not yet decided” it appears that Sony’s planning to give it the best chance of doing well by releasing it at a later date. The translation (below) is a little sketchy, mind.

“GT 5 is a great hope for Sony, a very important game for the company, which generates much income. We would have wanted him out before but we think the priority we are giving it our best,” he said adding that he hopes it’ll give the PS3 fresh momentum.

“I’m very confident in this game that we launch this year and help us consolidate PS3 as the console that is large.” He must not have the PS3 Slim yet. :)


i'll also mention OPM is running a massive GT5 review of the full game this month, hits the shelves 16th Feb... 'Full Game, Driven To Distruction' that tells me it's finished and ready to roll and Sony are just jerking our fucking chains by delaying it.


  1. OPM are reviewing it?? jesus....

  2. that's the gist of the info in last months issue, and i guess to make that they had to be over in Japan playing the full game just after xmas to make this months issue, so when is a full game not a full game? They did a 13 page FF XIII article too which was rather awesome.

    GT5 is being delayed because some faceless drone armed with an excel spreadsheet thinks it'll make more money if they release it at the end of the year..

    it'll make absolutely truckloads of cash anyway no matter when it's sold. this is the worst kind of treatment of Gran Turismo fans by Sony.

    can you imagine the backlash if they turned around tomorrow and delayed God of War until September because it'll sell more copies?

  3. 'Tone - don't give them ideas for a God of War 3 delay!

    That's right it'll sell well whenever it comes out. However, if they bundle PS3s with it as part of a GT5 pack and release this just before Christmas then it will help boost console sales. Not supporting their decision just trying to think like a big evil corporation!