Friday, 12 February 2010

Star Ocean 4 International Extended Trailer

go go Edge Maverick!! it's on the shelves today. shame i have to choose to eat for the next week instead of picking this up, ahhhhhh well, i guess i can wait for a week. *waits*


  1. just been to fetch my copy from the post office. will give you a first impression over the weekend.

  2. noooooo, i went to rent a copy afterwork, no joy, they didn't even have any copies on the shelf for sale!


    also, eat instead of gaming.. hmmmm, maybe i should hand in my Hardcore Gamer membership card -haha-

    got my copy of OPM early though, they nuked the big GT5 feature and have devoted 20 pages to some angry bloke called Kratos... i did find some GT5 info though, a 4 page deal which was mostly screenshots and a page of text licking Kaz's balls while making soft cooing sounds.

    yes we know it looks pretty, has a 1000 cars and has online but was there anything new? i scanned it again and what it did confirm was night racing on all tracks! sweet, the damage modelling is limited to scratches and scuffs on production cars and knackered panels etc on race cars plus 'mechanical' damage on all. online will have private races and online garages plus head to head racing too.

    i got the feeling the person writing the article was not a real GT fan, no mention of tuning/customising options or being able to buy new parts, which is the big deal for me in GT4. i did spot a screen shot a while back of a standard BMW which had been fitted with aftermarket wheels and a bolt on spolier.

  3. I put off buying this for the 360 because I didn't wantthe hassle of they release iton PS3 and mines broken >.<!!!


  4. 3 hours or so in - a few thoughts:

    Glad we PS3 owners have the chance to use japanese voice track & subtitles. The English dub is pretty terrible, but then again I do think most dubs are pap.

    Story is interesting so far. Nice blend of of Space Opera & JRPG, mah ship haz crashd & I'm on a planet where everything wants to kill me :(

    Why can't they be nice aliens, bringing me tea & scones? Spitting acid at people you don't know is just plain rude.

    In general the graphics are nice, but the PS3 port could have done with a bit more optimisation. Couple of frame rate stutters when you are out of the ship exploring - few screen flickers every now & again - loading screens during some of the cutscenes (these are very brief, but still!)

    Gameplay wise, if you like JRPGs, you'll love this:

    harvesting items - check
    mining for materials - check
    levelling up - check
    slime enemies - check
    learning new skills & abilities - check
    side quests - check
    pretty locations to explore - check
    combining items to make new things - check

    All the staples are there, all good fun if you are a compulsive collector.

    The best thing so far is the battle system though. No random encounters so far, you can sprint past most enemies (though some will rush you & try to surprise attack).

    Once on the battle screen you can control any of your party, combo & chain attacks, use skills, blindside opponents so they can't target you (this feels pretty snazzy to pull off) and probably plenty of other stuff as you progress.

    So, really impressed so far - 10x better than Enchanted Arms which is the only other PS3 JRPG I have played. If you are in two minds, most places seem to have it for under £30.

    I am going through this with a guide (as I do most JRPGs) - I like to collect as much as possible, get the ultimate weapons, complete all the side quests etc...but that's just me. If you aren't using a guide or accidentally skip a cutscene, the game provides a nice synopsis of the story so far so you don't lose the thread. nice touch!

    One word on the trophies - estimates on the forums reckon you'll maybe need to spend 500+hours to get the platinum. This mainly stems from the need to collect all the in-game battle trophies (100+ I think) with every character! There are 8 character slots on the menu screen so you are looking at nearly 1000 different battle medals just to get a silver (SILVER!) trophy.

    still - i likes a challenge & have finally broken the spell of MW2.

  5. sounds like i'm gonna like it. the question i have is: did you play pHANTASY sTAR uNIVERSE and if so how does this compare? i suspect it is more epic.

  6. Never played PSU Tone, but the battle system in SO would definitely lend itself to a co-op/mmo style of play.

    Loving it so far.

    Just made my first weapon: 1 x wind gem, 1 x repair kit & 1 x broken cutting blade = Storm Blade, imbued with the power of wind!