Friday, 5 February 2010


Yep, me too, last night my Launch Day purchased upgraded full fat 60GB baby switched off when watching a video on it - I knew I'd be looking at a yellow LED after two presses of the power switch - gutted.

Sulked. My missus said "you can't afford a new one". Ignored. I could sell the car, a kidney or something, but hadn't Googled yet. Sulked some more, poured a nice glass of rum out.

Went to bed and dreamt of controlling a flying robot frog, work that one out. The tongue action was pretty cool, to catch the fly you had to anticipate.

Very busy day, loads of work to do, started in front of Outlook at 9:00, it's 10:37 now and guess what I've been Googling..

Phillips & Torx drivers, check. Heat Gun - I've got a paint stripper, no heat control - scary. Thermal Grease - hmmm Maplins must have that. More Googling..

Chap in Aus sells videos showing how to fix it with toothpaste - WTF? Less risk though. Realise haven't brushed my teeth yet, this happens when you work from home.

U3S homies - pointers please! I've gotta put this out of my head and get on with my work - I'll see what you've got for me this eve - I know you won't let me down.

[Mr Jimmy]


  1. Sorry to hear the bad news Jimmy! This is not something I've had to delve into yet (touch wood!). One piece of advice - don't let John Sketch near it - we all know what happened to his! :)

    Look on the bright side though - at least it's an excuse to save up for the slim version! Just hope you can fix your current one at least temporarily so that it works long enough to enable you to back up the contents of your HDD.

  2. Jimmy - I brought my phat ps3 back to life last night.

    The reason mine (Oct 07 40GB) seemed to die was because there was too much of a gap between the heatsink and cpu.

    So before you go at it with the heatgun, try this:

    1. Take out your HDD
    2. Remove warranty sticker (provided you are happy to do this and don't want to send to Sony for a £120 replacement)
    3. Take out little rubber nub and remove torx screw
    4. Slide off top cover
    5. Remove the 6/7 longish screws from the top
    6. Back, left side of the console there should be a little indentation and a clip - poke this forward then flip the top open (should open from the back, to the front like a car boot).
    7. 60GB may have a ribbon you need to unclip for the memory card reader - my 40GB doesn't have this.
    8. Unclip the powersupply for the Bluray drive and lift it out (be careful as the ribbon will still be attached at the bottom - so unclip this too).
    9. Next, unscrew the circuit board-type thing (think the 60GBs have a metal plate covering it), unscrew the wi-fi antenna and unscrew the powersupply. Make sure you unplug the powersupply at the front and back. Lift all three of these pieces out as they are all connected (at least on the 40GB). The power supply may take a little effort as it is scewered on two metal prongs.
    10. You should now see two metal 'clips' right in the centre of the console. These were what were causing mine to YLOD as far as I can figure out as they weren't putting enough pressure to connect the cpu/heatsink.
    11. What I did was to unscrew these (should be black screws), take them out and bend them inwards slightly. You could also use washers on the screws for a tighter fit.
    12. Place the clips back in and screw down tightly.
    13. Put your console back together by reversing these points.
    14. Power up your baby and pray.

    NB. if this doesn't work then you should try the heatgun method. This is supposed to reflow your solder and reconnected any broken links. Applying some fresh thermal compound (make sure you clean the old stuff off) won't hurt either.

    If you get stuck let me know and I'll try and help.

    Good luck

  3. p.s. By the way, so far I've found out that the following save games can't be backed up to an external hdd or memory stick:

    -Killzone 2
    -Street Fighter 4
    -Tekken 5 DR Online profile
    -Dark Mist
    -Resi 5 (thanks Sketchy)

    However, if you do buy a slim and use the data transfer option, all of the above (except LBP) can be copied across to your new console apparently. You'll lose the protected saves on the original console though as they are automatically deleted.

    p.p.s. if you do have to use a heatgun, I've read that the solder starts to melt at 300-320 degrees.

  4. @ Jimmy

    Use this as a guide:

    You only need to go down to picture 14 to get access to the clips though.

  5. cheers pabloamigo, my baby is in bits and I'm off to Maplins

  6. attempt 1 no different, stripped it down in no time for pass 2...

  7. hope it's going ok mate.

    Mine didn't last too long - but I did have it on for about 6 hours straight trying to data transfer across to my slim.

    A right pain in the arse I can tell you. Still not figured out why I couldn't get it to work.

    might have to resign myself to the fact that I'll lose my SF4 and KZ2 saves. bummer!

  8. I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!!!!

    *says we should start a cult of dead PS3 lovers*

    If you are still stuck whatsoever just say so....after trying the heatgun method i ha my machine back up for a time so least if anything you can salvage "something"

  9. this is daft, if almost all of us are suffering/suffered the same fate, tells you something about the lifespan...

    pass 2 I get red standby, no powerup. Attempt 3 in progress, instead of feeble craft heatgun I've gone for the paint stripper - might be a bit too hot but I'm feeling gun ho now..

    Out for curry shortly, back on this tomorrow...

  10. Re-tried to heatsink contact method + new paste...ndda....

    the phat is has gone to meets its maker...*enter monty joke here*

  11. these posts give me the ph33r! just wondering if any of you guys with dead consoles now ever ran them with intercooler systems fitted?

    mine has a front mounted system with lcd temp readout and the consoles internal monster fan never goes into 'turbo hoover' mode.

  12. pass 3 same - had a problem with power ribbon too, had to jam a thing in there to put pressure on it to get the red light. Still won't power up though, I think it's beyond home repair now.

    @JS - I'm up for the cult. I've no idea how you've gone so long without, I'm heading to ebay to see what I can get for my kidney

  13. @Jimmy

    PSP/Xbox360 and alot of books...

    So far i've missed outon Ratchet an Clank: crack in tme (gutted)...and if it goes much further i'll be missing heavy rain and final fantasy XIII (Sony or nothing!).

    On the plus side - when i buy the games it means they'll be reduced price (as it'd have been ages since they came out)...but methinhks next monh i'm just gonna buy myself a slim.....

    No idea what to do with the Phat though....eBay auctioning itsounds fair enough....but there are alooooot of broken/faulty ps3's on there.