Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Borderlands DLC. Thursday.

With a raised level cap, tweaked enemy AI, and new villains, weapons, and vehicles, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx is Borderlands' biggest dose of downloadable content yet, and it's due out Thursday.

Developer Gearbox wasn't kidding when they said this would be the largest Borderlands DLC yet. For starters, the level cap is being raised from 50 to 61.

Then there are all the new additions. Players should be pleased with the addition of ultra-rare, super-powerful weapons, new vehicles, including one all four players can ride at once, and nearly 30 new villains to kill in creative ways. Be warned, however, that Gearbox has also tweaked the enemy AI, so don't expect these new guys to be pushovers.

All of this is wrapped inside a storyline that picks up where the original game left off, tucked inside of an update nearly twice the size of The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned.

It's going to be a very busy week for Borderlands players.


  1. I bought "Borderlands" just over a week ago but I have yet to find the time to open it :(

    The first anniversary weekend of "Killzone 2" beckons & the end of the "Battlefield: Bad Company 2" Demo period is in sight.

    Oh yes, and a party of kids to entertain this weekend too. Deep joy.

    I'm still avoiding "Heavy Rain" so I may give "Borderlands" a spin next week.

    (Mind you I still have titles unopened from 2007 so I may well be saying “next week” for some time to come).

    Any tips for a beginner to the “Borderlands” experience, Mr “Platinum Trophy”?

    Talking of Trophies; “Uncharted 2: Drake’s Fortune” is being patched on Thursday to include new multi-player achievements & in-game medals, & downloadable content “skins” themed around the first game in the series, as well as extra multi-player locations.

    Plus the 90 minute playable demo of “Darksiders” is going to be available too.

    Hmmm… the cellophane on “Borderlands” may be waiting a while longer.



  2. crikey, they are going all-guns with DLC for Borderlands aren't they!

    Good to see other devs taking the Criterion route and releasing DLC that is not simply an unlock key for content already on the disk.

    Seems like Gearbox's decision to basically scrap what they had and start over has paid off as I hear the game has sold pretty well (over 2m copies!)


    Whilst I don't have anything from 2007 I have yet to play, I still haven't opened R&C: ACiT, barely touched my free copy of Unreal Tourney, largely neglected inFamous (even though I was really enjoying it before my phat broke), only did half the singleplayer missions in Operation Flashpoint 2, not really played FIFA 10, couldn't get into GTA4, Fallout 3 or FarCry 2, etc...Maybe I should be a bit more discerning when buying games!

    Still, Star Ocean is keeping me busy and entertained. Don't know whether I'll be able to resist jumping on FF13 as soon as it comes out though, leaving me with yet anopther unfinished game (if I was playing Star Ocean on the 360, I'd only be coming to the end of disk 1 of 3 after 25-ish hours!)

  3. @ pablo - Borderlands has turned out to be my game of the year. and as for the DLC it's been worth the £7 each pack costs, Zombie Island was a good 10hrs of extra missions, and Mad Moxie... must have been at least 18hrs so i'm guessing Secret Armory is going to rock in at 20hrs at least. THAT'S ADDED VALUE!!

    new ultra rare weapons *drools*

    @ fp - tips hey? you can't fight fire with fire, but a +3 corrosive elemental hollow point will rip 'em a new one :) usual RPG rules apply i guess, you can grind for xp, scavange and sell items, everything has a weakness, and decide what you want to do with you character while modifying your perk trees. though you can buy a reset for those if you do crap out.

    most of all though, have fun. and do try co-op with a friend.

  4. yay, finally:

    1 of Star Ocean: The Last Hope International (PS3)

    Shipping Carrier: Royal Mail

    Ship Date: February 23, 2010
    Shipping Speed: Standard

  5. nice one Tone.

    Be sure to set a 'few' hours aside!

    And I defy you to not raise a smile when Reimi calls Edge 'Edgie'.

  6. 'Tone,

    The question now must be... which will win out? Will you be too busy playing Borderlands, or will Star Ocean lure you away?

  7. ah, well.. it has to be Borderlands first and foremost. i've clocked 8.25 million xp so far, i do wonder if the new level cap will be applied retrospectively or whether i'll have to level up from my current status.

    guess i'll find out tonight.

    Star Ocean hasn't arrived yet though.

  8. Must admit that I'm only level 31, but I have got all three expansions. At least I'm still over halfway though (would have been pissed if they had raised maximum level to 62 :P).

    Let me know he your meeting with the General goes?

  9. the starting level for The Secret is Lv35 :D

    as for the XP question, it nuked 5,000,000 off my total score to set it back to level 50 total *hrumph* luckly i'd backed up my character before loading it up. soon got back into it and am up to Lv52 already.

    not found any new perlescant rarity stuff yet

    but i have met Mad Moxie. -YAY-

    ps: it has ninjas!! :D