Saturday, 20 February 2010

M.A.G.s lost little Brother?

Like playing in teams? like objective based gameplay? like open battle field environmnets? have a natural distrust of games reviewers? got a spare £10 and a local gamestore trade-in bin near by?

if you answered yes to any of those questions you can do worse than the long forgotten ET: Quake Wars. OK, so it's not the greatest looking game in the world, but it is fun! and who doesn't have a warm fluffy spot for play as the Strogg? or stomping around the battlefield in a killer mech'?

what games do you have that got panned in the reviews but decided to take a chance on and still hold dear to your hearts?



  1. " battle field environmnets?"

    "environmnets" waddat? ;)

    Seriously, though, I still think "Wet" has a great soundtrack to match the game-play, "Dark Sector" has a engaging atmosphere (that unfortunately was lost in the online aspects), and "Pain" (the experience you will have trying to gain anywhere near 20%, never mind 100%, of the Trophies) is still a favourite in our humble abode.

    One title I was a fan of that seems to have passed many people by, though, is "Chili Con Carnage" [PSP].

    "Spicy move!"



  2. I own Quake Wars!

    <--- enjoyed it

  3. I own Quake Wars as well. Didn't play it too much. All I remember was finding it impossible to defeat some strogg vehicles, no matter what weapon or vehicle I had. But that was probably just me being crap at it!