Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Nearly Time to Kick Arse

Spent a few hours last night in the dusty town of New Haven tweeking my weapon loadout and selling off a few unneeded items at the gun shop, i'm currently walking around equiped with $2,000,000 worth of uber rare gear. I paid a trip to the bank in the Underdome too and deposited 36 rare gold weapons, i have no idea what that lot's worth, but no raiding the bank, i'll hunt you down and it will be very very hurty!

Later on i decided to spend some R+R time hunting skaggs in Skagg Gully and took on not one, not two, but 3 Lv51 badass Skaggs at once, silly silly skaggs -haha- look at them burn, burn you evil glowy eyed bitey things burn! for that i picked up 2 elemental power globes that i equiped which took my ignite and corrode effect up to level 6, maxed. I did bump into Ninetoes on the way home and remembered him from the Underdome matches a while back, he got killed to death in a hellstorm of incendary SMG rounds, poor chap, but he did start it! and it turns out he was carrying quite the stash of cash, so i guess he had been doing alright for himself in the arena matches lately, that'll buy me some nice new sexy knickers!

Sandbox games, nothing better than making up your own stories as you go along.


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