Sunday, 7 February 2010

We're In The Pipe 5x5

To celebrate nuking Moxies Underdome challenges in a beer and kebab fueled LAN session we give you probably the best Aliens video on the interwebs.


  1. nice one tone, cheered me up a bit..

  2. What I never understood is why film makers never make movies "like" terms of visual style and grittiness...

    Films likes The Fifth Element, Chronicles of Riddick, Event Horizon, Alien: Ressurection, Starship Troopers and T2 all stand out as visually "interesting" because the CG they employ is _NOT_ perfect, lush, as highlydetailed as what can be accomplished today.

    Using miniatres and props in lieu of CGi wins in my book....more believable if it _ISN'T_ so perfect looking!

  3. @ Sketch - that's why Curse of the Wererabbit beats Flushed Away. Aardman animations just didn't suit that whole CGI thing. not really sure what is was but i think it didn't have the soul that comes with carefully handcrafted models. you can feel the love in those squishy lumps of plasticine.


    Bit of gaming rap for you chaps