Friday, 19 February 2010

*Takes off glasses, shakes out hair*

New IT Support Barbie was unveiled at the recent New York Toy Fair, and looks set to bring women's toys bang up to the... 1970s. Boasting a predictably pink mini laptop (looks like something from Asus), glasses (nice bit of geek stereotyping) and a bluetooth headset, Barbie is now all set to... work in a low-level call centre role. It's what all modern girls should aspire to.

According to the BBC, new Hot Geek Barbie came into being thanks to an online internet poll to decide which career path the nipple-free bimbo should take next, with the position of "Computer Engineer" eventually winning out. She's even got a watch. It's digital, because she finds ones with hands a bit hard.


  1. Finally... my "GeekMan" action, erm, figure was getting lonely...

    [ ]

    Although, to be fair, he sits (still boxed) on my shelves next to my "Obsessive Compulsive Action Figure":

    [ ]

    The three characters can now act out my favourite scenes from "The IT Crowd".

    I won't be able to stop playing with myself all weekend.

    Thanks 'tone!



  2. Look carefully at her screen. She's debugging some machine code! Now THAT'S geeky!

  3. she's probably just hacking her XBL gamerscore :D

    @ fp - can my tech savy bint come to the party too?

    [] (unboxed)

    she promises not to blow everyone up.