Monday, 15 February 2010

FirstPlay, Coming soon

Future Publishing has today announced FirstPlay, a digital Playstation Network magazine for the UK in a similar style to America’s Qore.

The weekly magazine will cost just 99p per episode, or £8.99 for a 3 monthly subscription, and is being developed by the team behind Official Playstation Magazine UK.

“Future has an outstanding track record in producing content for gamers that is informed, impartial, relevant and with the right production values, so we see them as a natural partner to work with as we move to on-console media development,” said SCE UK boss Ray Maguire.

“FirstPlay is a ground breaking development, not just for gamers, but for the media industry, and we are delighted to be partnering with Sony on this pioneering project,” added Rob Price, Chief Execuitve of Future.

You can find out more on FirstPlay’s website. This certainly sounds interesting, we look forward to watching it develop.


  1. Hi Tony,

    Thank you for signing up for more information about FirstPlay (or OPM HD as it was originally known back when the pterodactyls flew). Over the last year the team has been working hard to bring FirstPlay to life, and we're now excited to announce the launch is only weeks away.

    What is FirstPlay?

    FirstPlay is a new interactive show available to download direct from the PlayStation Store. It will bring you hi-def previews and reviews of all the biggest games, plus interactive screenshot galleries, coverage of the best PSN content and exclusive downloads. Visit to see a trailer and walkthrough video.

    Fancy taking part?

    As a thank you for registering your interest, we'd love you to get involved by previewing an episode of FirstPlay before we go live. You'll need a unique code to take part, so look out for that in another email from us in the next few weeks.


    The FirstPlay team

  2. FirstPlay... was the service previously called "OPM HD". I signed-up for information on this on 22 December 2008; no contact received since though.

    Hope the same team continues with the monthly MP3 "Podcast" audio files as they fill a void when I've run out of newspapers when there wrong kind of weather is on the South Eastern rail network tracks.

    [ ]

    That said, the Official PlayStation Magazine UK web site has reported "...will be here soon" for over a year now as well:

    [ ]




    Available on PSN in 2009


  4. Looks nice but will it have the content I'm unable to easily find on the internet?

    Plus as a side note, if you havn't already check out Epic Battle Cry. i promice you'll never listen to another gamin pod cast again.

  5. probably not :\

    now downloading Battle Cry, looks interesting

  6. Looks really well presented and I like the idea of exclusive PSN content (at the current price of a quid an issue anyway - it looks well worth it). The only thing I would have against it is that the reviews are not impartial.