Thursday, 18 February 2010

Track Days: Day 200

Ok grease monkeys, i have pulled into the pit lane on day 200 of my GTpsp racing career to take a breather and let you know how it's going. first off i have won 243 races, own 79 cars, have an S18 A3 B6 C4 Ai driver skill level (think GT4 'B' spec but for online racing) i've earned 19,396,757Cr and have 2,093,487Cr left in the bank. hey it costs cash if you Gotta Catch 'em All.

comparing GT:PSP, GT4 and GT5:P i notice that GT4 is actually the tougher of the 3 to drive, it may be down to the lack of progressive throttle/brake but also it doesn't flash up gear hints either making you actually learn the braking points yourself rather than rely on the game to tell you when to brake, GT:PSP feels like GT4 to drive using the X and square buttons and the D-pad to steer. when i went back to race in GT4 i was shocked at how it felt, the handling was much more raw than the finely tweeked machine of GT5:P, but i looked at all the gold trophies and figured i must have been able to drive the hell out of GT4 once, and after an hour of practice i was back into the groove of it again. it's surprising just how far the graphics have progressed in these last 5 years and just how tuned the physics model is.

i guess i finally got fed up of waiting for GT5 after the notice that we won't be getting it until September (latest OPM) so i figured i'd load GT4 into my PS3 and play that again instead. it does look nice and solid running in 1080p and having 5.1 Audio, i wonder if GT5 will have the syncronised playback feature? i think they should also include the Challenge mode from Tourist Trophy to get some of the more specialised vehicles, in that you went to the dealerships and picked a bike, but instead of paying for it you had to complete a racing challenge with it, usually just beating a similar spec bike in a race, before you could own it. that makes much more sense to me that just spamming an easy race for the Cr and buying up all the most powerfull cars that you can't actually drive properly.



  1. do the Citroens come with adjustable suspension for those gangsta moments?

  2. you wait till i fit teh stage 4 turbo and nitros to this beast, it'll take it up to at least 20hp :D