Friday, 26 February 2010

Intro Movie to General Knoxx DLC

invasion stockpile!? *does a small sex wee*



    show some love by return and hit these guys site up.

    level-up, you peeps are ok by me ;D

  2. the invasion stockpile was more awesome than i could have ever imagined. i could have wept.

    done 20hrs in co-op LAN on playthrough one, and a few this afternoon. can't finish it until i get to level 61 so i can fight Crawmerax the Invincible. thems the last trophies i need now. it's a post main story mission/task.

    so yeah, over 20hrs of dlc story for £5. bargain.

    haven't found any new 'ultra rare' weapons,
    whhich were platinum but coloured dark orange
    then they have been changed to perlescent which
    are now apparently cyan... whut! no wonder i've
    not found one, probably thought it was just a
    blue one and ignnored it. i do have some dark
    orange from earlier gaming though.