Saturday, 13 February 2010

You Wanna Touch It

Happy Valentines weekend peoples, i hope you all get some good lovin', me, i'm off to the health clinic to refill my perscription of brain drugs and get checked over. mad, they call me maaaaaaaaaaaaaaad *drools* muhahahahhaa....

ps: Mr Sketch, video contains robot overlord. caution :)


  1. anyone from Manc' here been trying to phone me?

  2. Think the robot overlord needs to lose a few Megs round the midsecton....

  3. i spent Valentines day morning hanging a glass panel door to my kitchen, never done that before, i had to cut the slots for the hinges and everything myself. where's my silver trophy!

    it hasn't fallen out of the frame yet :)

    spent just as long clearing up the mess i made -heh-

  4. ps: Ken Block is in this years WRC! gonna be interesting to see how he gets on, he has made driving skillzor . starts now 6pm on DAVE.

    wanna buy any shoes? (DiRT2 joke)