Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Official 500Gb External PS3 Drive, costs more.


PC hardware maker Buffalo is about to take new steps in official PlayStation licensing. The company announced today two external hard drives that have been granted official recognition from Sony. According to Buffalo, this is the first time Sony has granted licensing to hard drive peripherals, a move that comes in anticipation of March's release of PS3's "Torne" digital video recorder kit.
Both drives have 500GB capacity and connect to the PS3 via an included USB 2.0 cable. The ¥14,800 (£100)  Piano Black HD-AV500U2/SC sits horizontally and has a meter on its front showing remaining space. The ¥11,800 (£80) Black HD-CL500U2/SC stands vertically but lacks the meter.

Does that sound fair to you seeing as you can grab a 500Gb from Tesco Direct for a gnats cock under £50? i wouldn't mind that casing though, looks pretty sexy.


  1. Knowing Sony they'll have some proprietary tech in their official HDD. Something that needs a firmware update. I dunno let's say a button on the front that allows you to backup your console. Maybe it powers off when your PS3 goes to standby.

  2. The "Torne" DVR kit is just PlayTV made for Japan. I should get one of those PlayTV devices - price is very reasonable now.