Monday, 22 February 2010

Cabela's Dangerous Adventures

This is no Hello Kitty Safari Adventure! in fact this game has no right to be any good at all, it's american, it's based on a rugged man sport, and it's by a dev i've never heard of... but on loading it up the intro movie is of a man being chased by a massive psycotic looking bear through some woods, shortly before getting his face eaten off. Good start i say.

Imagine if you can a world that is a cross between FarCry and Afrika, except in this world you don't shoot the animals with a camera, you just shoot them while shouting 'It's Comnig Right For Us'. The graphics are very passable infact whether you're sneeking through the grass of the African plains or hunting bears in Alaska and locations inbetween. You have a large range of customisable weapons and kit and the guns are chunky and good to shoot., but seeing as this is a hunting game there are no' full auto jobs in thebox :)

A bullet point on the box mentions 'hand to claw combat' and this does put the willies up you, but it is little more than a few QTE flicks of the pad and you'll soon be smashing your rifle butt into a hyena's face or stabbing coogars in the neck with your hunting knife, good times! i wonder how PETA feels about that though?

The shooting them in the face side of things works and if you pull off a great shot it goes into bullet time and you see the projectile whipping through the air and slamming home into your target before a stat' card pops up on the screen with your score on. you can use downed gazelles as lion bait too.

You can track animals too, set up ground blind hides, just wander around enjoying the scenary.. shortly before getting bit in the leg by an angry snake you've just troddden on or stung by hornets! As a hunter you are obviously equiped with a 'solid eye' system, well, a cheaper version off and activating you 'hunter vision' you can bring up HUD info about the animals you're slaking or highlight tracks etc, odd but it works and you don't have to us it.

Overall, if you like sneeking around and killing furry animals and occasionally getting mauled to death by a pack of wild dogs this game will do you.



  1. you know what, Dangerous Adventures is oddly satisfying, i'm guessing it speaks to some primal hunter instinct i have.