Monday, 12 October 2009

Another Gamer Goes Mental

An 18-year-old StarCraft player has been committed to psychiatric care for repeatedly stabbing a 15-year-old girl after his internet connection dropped while he was in the middle of a game.

The teenager, from Sweden, was apparently driven into a homicidal rage when his internet connection went down during a hot-and-heavy game of StarCraft. Rather than calling his ISP or troubleshooting his hardware, he decided that the appropriate course of action would be to grab a kitchen knife and go for a late-night walk.

While strolling through his neighborhood, he came upon the victim, who was returning home from a party with a friend. Fortunately, despite being stabbed multiple times, none of the girl's injuries were life-threatening. The perpetrator was arrested after his father discovered the knife, with blood on it, in the house. {more}

/// now, i've never stabbed anyone to death over a game but i once gave my little brother a swift beating after he pulled the plug from the wall during a major high scoring session on JetPac (Ultimate: Play The Game) and i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one to have ruined a perfectly good controller or two in my time either thanks to system lock-ups or some other (to normal people) trivial gaming problem. so, what have you done in the heat of the moment?


  1. I have a habit of slamming my DS3 into my forehead, analogue sticks first. In fact I was doing this not 3 minutes ago whilst playing Half Life 2 at that bit with the room full of lasers and turrets and you have to do the really careful jumping. Don't think I've ever done anything more violent than that though.

    Yes, I own The Orange Box on PS3. Leave me alone. My head hurts.

  2. I once punched my brother square on in the nose (only a tap mind) during a particularly tense match of Sensi Soccer.

    I can't remember why exactly. Maybe my 2-year winning streak was about to come to an end. Everyone on my estate had tried to take me down, but none had managed it up to that point.

    @El Stefio

    I would berate you mate, but since I own Genji and Enchanted Arms (I could probably be driven to violence in the search for a decent PS3 JRPG) I can't really talk.

  3. i own X-Blades and Golden Axe [[shame]]
    i'm a sucker for boobies and a sword.

  4. I also own "X-Blades" & "Golden Axe"... and "Ninja Gaiden Sigma" & the recent follow-up (and rather apt, titular release) "...2".

    Doesn't make me a bad person though.

    The Swedish teenage, however, what a Gifford!

    For the record, I would like to add that it is not video games that turn people into homicidal maniacs.

    Video games don't kill people... people kill people.

    I have collated some stories about this before, if you will pardon my link:

    [ ]

    Would you mind if I add this blog entry to my collection, 'tone?



  5. not at all fp - always nice to have you posting.

    i'm sure if you sharpend up the edge of a blu-ray disc
    you could CQC someone with it, so video games can kill ;)