Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Uncharted 2 screen shots

With the impending release of Uncharted 2 only just over a week away, I'm sure many of you have been checking the reviews and impressions from the media.
I'm sure many of you are also not surprised to hear that Uncharted's Meta score is at a 97 average, something that's rare to say the least.

Personally, I don’t know what makes Uncharted 2 so good to warrant this incredible score; unfortunately I've only had the chance to play the beta. But from what I can tell from just the beta, is that Uncharted 2 is a very polished game with some nifty multiplayer options. Co-op seems to hook me straight away with each team relying on every individual player.

I'm overly excited for this game, sure it's hyped to hell, but for once this is a game that can stand up to that hype.

See you online!
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  1. Uncharted 2 does look rather tasty, but it's still one of those games i'm not really hyped over, don't know what it is about it, but it's not high up on my priority list so far. i guess unlike the early days you can't own every game that comes out. maybe one day i'll pick it up and then know what all the fuss was about :)

    finished that PSP metal gear demo last night, that was pretty impressive, may have to rethink my whole 'psp is a bit pants for gaming on' mindset. oh, and buy a set of component leads to jack it into the big tv. have ordered a set of those joypad like grips for my psp too, that should add to the comfort rating.

  2. Co-op is great. Hey E-Role it was great that we finally beat that big mutha at the end of the co-op stage in the beta. I'd tried that a few times with the other guys but not been able to do it. I must have unloaded about 100 rounds into his fat head.

    I really like playing it online as it's a free-for-all. A real fun game where you can just jump in for one round if that's all you've got time for. Random spawn points keeps things interesting. There are different tactical ways to play online as well. The stealthy element is quite satisfying if pulled off correctly. I like the ability to kick opponents off ledges or better still, to pull them off a ledge as you sneakily hang from it and shimmy along to them (not done this yet but apparently it is possible).