Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Rockstar *hearts* PSN Store

PSP’s entire Grand Theft Auto series coming to Sony’s digital storefront

Influential publisher Rockstar is to throw its weight behind Sony’s growing PlayStation Store by releasing its entire PSP catalogue on the service – as well as rolling out a self-branded storefront.

Already available to buy on the service are the likes of Manhunt 2, Midnight Club: L.A. Remix and Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition.

Now 1UP reports that October 22nd will see the arrival of the Rockstar Store, which along with its existing offering will also include the PSP’s entire Grand Theft Auto range – Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories and the upcoming Chinatown Wars.

Also included will be The Warriors and Beaterator.

/// Be interesting to see what they charge for Beaterator as that looks like a damn fine toy to be messing around with. I was a great fan of Music and Music2000 back in the day. Nothing better than sitting there working on some backing beats while the rest of the guys played their 'real' instruments, hey, i could play the one string bass if i had too :)



  1. Better if Rockstar pulled their fingers out and released the whole back catalogue of GTA games (yes, even london)on to the PSN. Or better yet, get a new GTA out that improves over the bore-fest that is GTA4

  2. GTA4 made me coo like an infatuated pigeon for a few weeks, then I completed the story and put it in the cupboard where it lives to this day.

    Mittens assures me the multiplayer is well worth a revisit, I only tried it briefly and it did look pretty awesome.

  3. @Mr Jimmy

    I have to agree with E-ROLE. Tried really hard to like GTA4, even enjoyed my first half an hour with it. After that I just thought 'hang on, I have literally played this game three times before.'

    Those other times being GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas. Luckily I only paid about £17 for it last Christmas from

    The first three games (including GTA London) would absolutely rock the casbah on the PSP.

  4. i clocked up over a 100hrs on GTAIV, sure it was familier, but that doesn't necessarily make it a bad game does it? i do think though once you have nailed the main story and all the sub-missions there is nothing left to do, i mean i have been back and wandered the streets of Liberty City but it just feels empty.

    even shooting random pidgeons got boring and there's no way am i looking for all those or all the stunt jumps.

    then the Trophy patch came out, way too late, and i tried to re-start the game and found i just couldn't do it anymore.

    that's when i picked up Saints Row 2. really enjoyed it. i do think the story was top notch and despite all the fuss over the stupid 'distractions' i found i only really had to do one or two just to build my rep' up to carry on with the main storyline.

    my favorite GTA was San Andreas definitely.

  5. I think it was the thought of investing another x amount of hours into something that seemed a little too familiar.

    Maybe that is why I'm an Uncharted fanboi - easy to dip in and out.

  6. I'm still holding out for GTA: Manchester. Maybe with a bit of Liverpool chucked in for good measure. Heck, just make it like San Andreas and chuck in both cities with the countryside and towns in between...

    I'm just upsetting myself now because i know it's not going to happen... sigh.

  7. GTA:Chav would work for me - mini games getting cars up on bricks, then get the alloys to the garage over a busy street - Frogger for the 21st Century !!