Wednesday, 14 October 2009

gotta say thanks

Because these guys have hooked me up with a set of psp slim grips and a component a/v cable so i can run my psp in 480p 60Hz on my HDTV. The grips are well worth the money at a penny under five quid, no more hand cramping and spider fingers! just like holding a fat joypad, and hook the a/v lead to it (a bargain £6 of a lead) and the little handheld steps into a new realm.
OK, so the psp output doesn't fill the screen on my 32" when running a game, but does equal about 22" i'd guess and the image quality is pretty sweet. Had to turn the sharpness down to smooth out the low-res (480p) jaggies but apart from that it's all gravy. In menu XMB mode it does run full screen, odd.
i used to have a psp dock that output in yellow composite and the image was rough compared to the seperate red/green/blue output i now have, plus on a composite it refuses to run games.

About E-CELL: (not E-ROLE) "We are a British company that designs and manufactures innovative and cutting edge equipment for your digital lifestyle. All Ecell products offer you innovation, quality and increased freedom."

They do free postage to the UK too and have a shop on ebay where you may be able to pick up a end of line bargain etc.

And because it's Wednesday - Zero Punctuation: Wet
i don't care what the reviewers think, it's still on my must own list. i own Stranglehold too.

Also announced was the introduction finally of the PSN Store pre-paid cards for people too ghetto to own a debit or credit card i guess, or they could make for great gifts, if my parents/loved ones are reading this [hinthint], and as usual we bring you a bargain of a find, ZAVVI are selling the £20 cards for £15.95 with free delivery, that's like giving you nearly a fiver in your hand for nothing, can't argue with that.

[mobiletone] *going off to drool over his PSP and collect more cars again*


  1. I've got a PSP 1000, so have been looking into a program called "Remote Joy". It alows you to play PSP full screen, just hope it doesn't mess with my Pc or PSP.

    Wet was ok, just not a game I'd buy.

  2. i think Wet is a like/hate sort of game, it floats my boat anyways. The a/v output on the slim is a nice touch, can't think why it took me this long to get a cable, i think maybe when i first got it it wouldn't play games over it and that was fixed in a firmware update at some point.

    could be wrong though.

  3. Drake is here! Got it yesterday. Was typing a short post about it for the blog and my PC crashed. Try to put an opinion up later.


    Ok I need to know if it's possible to copy over Uncharted 2 saves from one PS3 to another with a mem stick.

    With some games in the past i havnt been able to do this.

    I need to know as I'll be playing Uncharted 2 down in kent with my gf and want to be able to cross it over to my home PS3.

  5. - you were warned hahaha -

    don't know if its copy locked, i've noticed this trend being more annoying recently, how are you supposed to back-up your game saves!?