Sunday, 25 October 2009

Borderlands: the forgot to reset the clock update

Up way too early this morning. Anyways, got Borderlands fired up yesterday and i'm currently rocking a Lv13 Siren Elemental with Lv03 handguns, SMG and sniper, plus other class perks. my elemental powers are cool, handy to have in a melee! i like to get up close and personal in shooty games, probably why i die so much usually :)

Now, first off, the shooting, this has to be stated that IT IS NOT LIKE FALLOUT3, got that? good, no running up to someone with a shotgun shooting them in the face at pointblank and missing! the feel of the running and gunning is more Call of Duty than anything, and once i dialed the sensitivity down a couple of notches felt very natural. you shoot someone, they take damage, you headshot, they take critical. the factors to damage being round type and range i guess and your level perks.

Secondly, leveling up. you kill, you explore, you get XP, more XP = higher levels, higher levels = more perks, i call them perks as that what they feel like, you have 3 skill areas per character to spend your points in and they add to your overall abilities, like a +5% damage on small arms, +40% on stun during melee, +10% shield recovery it works nicely.

Thirdly, the 'it's not cel-shaded' graphic style, damn, if ever a game made you feel like you were gaming inside a graphic novel then this has it nailed down tight. a mix of water colours, pen art, black lines make the whole thing feel and look like nothing else on the Playstation, unique looking it most definitely is.

Forthly? Missions, you have the main story line which you pick up from chatting to various NPC characters, these range from storming bandits hideouts to finding lost false legs! the AI is pretty good and weird! as in what the hell is that lunatic doing running right at me!? ah shit, it's a suicide bomber!! Other missions can be picked up on notice boards in various settlements and are good for boosting your XP, much like going on Skag hunting trips with a fire elemental sniper rifle, much LULz!

Fithly -huh- Vehicles.. hmmm, all i can suggest is you get a SouthPaw on your team to do the driving, for some weird reason they have mapped the steering to the right stick and throttle to the left, this just feels wrong and even after some practice results in stupidly uncalled for crashing. i have yet to check the actual southpaw pad settings to see if they are switched, if so it may be worth a look if you want to do a lot of driving.

that'll do for now. one issue i have noticed though is sound breaks during hard drive access over my optical cable. this can be annoying at times. i have it set to dual audio output and switched over to tv volume 'on' and noticed no sound breaks at all from it. i run HDMI to my tv and Optical to my amp, the amps display shows a loss of signal everytime it happens and it happens every time my hardrive access light comes on. another game that used to do that was Saints Row2 but that was fixed after a patch.

"Gearbox has stated that they are looking into finding and fixing the issue. It's usually more frequent for people who use a digital optical cable for 5.1 surround, switching to A/V or HDMI will output sound without issues."

typical, my set-up again. *rolls eyes*


  1. Definitely sounds like you are enjoying it. Just wish my postie would hurry up and get my copy to me. Still, it gave me time to get through Uncharted (only on normal, but it's a start), so I can devote some quality time to this... and, errr... Eyepet! It's for my grandsons, honest! I'm just playing it so I can help them out later. :D

  2. i turned the 5.1 options off under my optical output settings and it worked, no more sound breaks. i just have to live with fakey surround using ProLogicII until they patch it though :\

    Eyepet? i thought that had been pushed to next year? it's a good deal if you get that and the camera in a box set. if you need a new camera that is.