Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Spammers of the world, unite and take over!

I have a couple of people on my PSN Friends List (luckily I can't remember who they are off the top of my head) who insist on sending around spam emails.

Two recent examples include:

1. Getting onto the Modern Warfare 2 Beta (which I am fairly sure was never announced and probably doesn't even exist) by sending x amount of messages to your mates. Sony mods are monitoring these messages and if enough are sent you will be entered into the beta.

2. Sony are going to start charging for the PSN, but if we manage to send x amount of messages saying 'Please Don't Sony Overlords' they will change their minds.

I mean really, who believes this shite?!!

Leave the spamming to the professional blue pill popping girth-boosters please!



  1. I also get spam like this to my PSN account. I actually delete people who send me this sort of thing. Particularly annoying are the ones that say something like, "win a £10 PSN voucher, just forward this message to 50 friends". Yeh, I didn't fall for it when it came to my email so what makes you think I'm gonna fall for it now!?

  2. @reakt

    I think part of the problem is that some people are so desparate to get on betas (especially for something like CoD: MW2) that they actually believe this stuff.

    Incredible really. Good call on deleting the offenders though - I have the feeling that both people added me after playing with/against them on KZ2 or Burnout.

    They were defintely not part of my 'virtual buddy list' like you guys. You guys rock! fawn!!!

  3. those spams sound familiar, and i'm pretty sure spamming is against the ToS. yeah, i did read it the once :)

    got Brutal Legend out on rental for a week, so.. i really don't know what to expect, i thought it was all hack and slash and driving around being metal and chatting up rawk nuns and stuff. but it seems there is a big lump of RTS to it. urgh. people have been moaning about it on several forums, but i figure it's worth a fiver to find out.

  4. I think the main reason these types of thing do the rounds so much isn't that people actually believe them, it's more that they have nothing to loose.

    We live in a world where things like facebook (shudder) train people to waste time. I honestly think these people get more from wasting 20 seconds forwarding these messages than they do from any possibility of getting something out of it.

  5. Trouble with erections? Try the magic Bluepill, enter code threespeech for your free sample today!

  6. I am sorry to say that one 'member' of our beloved "ThreeSpeech Regulars" clan sent me one of those aforementioned not-quite spam (more like chain letter) messages.

    I blame the internet; the previous version though, not the new-fangled one everybody is using now.



  7. I blame loose clothing and the lack of moral values in today's society blaaaaaahh....

    Yeah I had a couple of these, I don't think the fashion will last though.

    LMAO at the freeviagra post!

  8. LOL! We even get our own personalised discount code for the viagra!

  9. I am one amusing viagra selling mofo, speaking of selling drugs has anyone tried out chinatown wars on the PSP yet?

  10. Wow - he even passes the Turing test!
    (Shhhhh, maybe this one was 'Tone in disguise!)

  11. I got a few from a few PSN people. Sent them to john to wind him up lol (E-ROLE BTW)

  12. @E-ROLE/Zoe

    JS doesn't need any more grief - he already lives in Aberdeen!

    By the way, has anyone played Machinarium yet? Looks bloody nice and you can play a Flash demo here:

  13. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    @Mythological Zoe

    And I believed you too *sobs*

    Nahh I say burn the buggers! they send me spam, i send them scat in a brown paper bag tied to a kitten set on fire....

    That's how we do it in scotland -___-