Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Not Quite a PSP Phone, the SONY AINO

The Sony Ericsson Aino is a slide phone with a touchscreen for touch navigation. The Aino features an 8.1 Megapixel camera loaded with extras such as face detection, red-eye reduction and autofocus, plus the new Touch focus feature which utilises the touchscreen and lets you touch areas on the display for the camera to focus.

With Remote Play, the Sony Aino is also fully compatible with your Playstation 3 letting you control and access media content from your phone using the built in HSDPA or Wi-Fi. The Sony Ericsson Aino also features a built in music player and expandable memory.

The Sony Ericsson Aino is a stylish 3G handset. It comes with a 3 inch touch screen for easy navigation and also slides open to reveal the keypad. The Aino has 55MB of internal memory which can be expanded further using the memory card slot.

One of the main features is the 8.1 megapixel camera which comes with useful features such as face detection, red-eye reduction and autofocus. Search Google Maps via the GPS navigation system wherever you are. Other features includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM radio, music player and much more.

pick up a free Aino {here} subject to taking out a contract..

[mobiletone] selling his soul for a nugget of gold, hey i need a new phone! c'mon Sony.


  1. Think i'll stick with my iPhone, Sony erikson have befouled the sony name a bit after the god awful walkman phones they made...

  2. yeah, my filthy assistant Jane has an iPhone and it's pretty nifty. but the Aino is rather cool i guess if you like to use remote play, i'm guessing RP using the 3G will actually work now rather than wandering around aimlessly trying to find a free public wi-fi spot.

  3. True, any idea if you can play some games via remote play (pixeljunk monsters?)

  4. apparently that's a big NO according to the official Eeeeew.blog, and at a buy-it-now price of £399 i don't think i'll be getting one off contract. or ever.

  5. The remote-play feature is definitely something Sony Ericsson have added in as an after-thought. The phone has not been designed with this in mind from the beginning. Shame. It means that the interface is not at all intuitive when it comes to using remote play (where you have to just remember which numbers on the keypad correspond to which buttons on a Dualshock 3). Still I'd like to have a try with it - maybe you get used to it.

    Tell us more about the filthy assistant :)

  6. her names Jane, shes dirty blonde, has big breasticles and i've been working with her for five years. she is awesome, and she brings me home cooked cake and nummies in to work. what more could a guy want? :D i wouldn't swop her for anyone else.

    just spent the last 3 days doing digital photo restorations on early 1900s stuff. dig some of those 'tashs.