Saturday, 3 October 2009

transcending history, a tale of balls and fanboys eternally retold

Fifa or Pro evo? Where's your money going? or are you saying screw this and playing uncharted 2 instead!?


  1. I keep thinking (every year) "I'll wait until next year beacuse it'll have better features."

    And that's the story of why I've never had a fifa game since Fifa 1997 on Mega Drive.

  2. Unchartered 2 for me, really looking forward to it, had a good thrash of the beta today with Reakt.

    Not a sporty guy me, real life or gaming. I've tried to play them, both looking amazing but I just don't have the bug!

  3. fifa 10 is sitting next to me as we speak

    I used to be pro evo mad, but Seabass got complacent?

    For shame!!

  4. i have FIFA '08, must have played it for oh, all of two hours in total, ever. never getting another 'serious' football game.

    american football sucks a huge one too.

    in fact.. any game with balls, is balls.....

    except womens beach vollyball :D

    not getting Uncharted 2 either. next purchases are Borderlands and probably Brutal Legend. Still very happy stomping across the surface of Mars being an hero and smirking at various 'Ultor' references. poor bastards. who'd ever work for that company?

    downloading C&C: challenge from teh Store too this morning.

    what we need is a good arcade footy game, left stick move, then pass/shoot/tackle ONLY on the buttons, nothing else fancy, just a good ol' kickabout. jumpers for goalposts, beans on toast for tea and mum rubbing savlon into grazed knees, hmmmm. :P

  5. I'm afraid I've not played a footie game since sensible soccer on the Amiga. Has there ever been one to match it?!? If there was a remake of it as a PSN title I'd probably get it.

    Uncharted 2 beta is a lot of fun in co-op. I played with both Jimmy and Pablo but we didn't manage to complete all the objectives - and that was on "easy" difficulty level as well! The "crushing" level is going to be ridiculous!

  6. @reakt

    we were on normal mate. I reckon we could take co-op on easy!!!

    I'll tap you up for a game during the week if you're around.

  7. Loving the uncharted 2 beta myself, Mit_is_evil, do it...

  8. @ reakt - sensi soccer was probably the best footy game ever. so i doubt we'll ever get anything as much fun again.

    and on the record. C&C: Comanders Challenge is.. well.. it'll break a grown man and have you crying HOW, WHY!? NOOooooooo at the tv. the target time for the second mission is something like 11 minutes?? i spend over 4hrs trying to do it yesterday. hopefully my brain will have figured it out while i slept. not giving up though.

  9. @pablo - yes, I'd like to try the co-op again. Let's meet up again. Most likely time I'll be online is after 10pm (when Mrs Reakt has gone to bed) :)

  10. I've got to meet up with you guys for some co-op for when the game comes out.

    The Beta is just amazing!
    Also loving Brutal legend, even though the graphics arn't all that.