Thursday, 8 October 2009

Out Of Our Comfort Zone

i have this afternoon off, if GTpsp is not delivered by the kindly postman i shall kill some kittens in my coffee maker. as far as work is concerned i have a doctors appointment *shhhhhhhhh* nobody tell ok! :) sorry about posting a Ninty DS game review.. i shall go flagellate myself now.

when was the last time you hooked a day/time off because of a game? does that mean we are the uber dedicated hardcorez gamerz, sorry, GMAERSS!!1!! or just a bit sad. admittedly standing there in the rain waiting for the shop to open on PS3 launch day kinda lost it's l33tness once the wet had worked it's way through to my skin. a great day all the same though.

*lurks behind filing cabinets glaring at the clock*


  1. I really wanted to like scriblenaughts, and even though I think it's ok, just doesn't really satisfy as well as I thought.

    I think that having a day off work for a game is fine, I done it for MGS4 and I'll do it again for every blockbuster this year and next!

    Planning ahead, I think I'll be taking a good 3 days off for God of War 3.

  2. The last day off I took for gaming was for the PS3 launch day. I also remember waiting outside the shop for it to open and wondering why there was nobody else there (perhaps I didn't need to pre-order after all!).

    It would be nice to take a day off when Uncharted 2 arrives but I don't think the missus would appreciate that. Apparently days off are intended for non-gaming purposes. Anyway I hope (for the sake of the local kitten population) that your game turns up! (you probably don't want to read this)

  3. I have Monday off and while I will sneak in a bit of Operation Flashpoint 2 no doubt, most of my day will be spent stripping gloss with a heat gun. Owning a house is no fun :(

    Still, at least I can pretend that each strip of gloss is a lousey Helghan!!

    pew, pew, scoooooorch

    Wine tasting was quite good by the way, plenty of cheese to eat too. The last bottle we tried was £45 a pop.

  4. Just imagine that each strip represents a thread of a bra strap and you'll be done in no time.

    Is it me, or does all wine taste the same, no matter if it's £10 to £60 a bottle?

    Just like to also add that I was in the queue for the PS2, PS3 and PSP and at launch, there were super huge queues!

  5. to my eternal shame I have never queued for any console or game.

    99% of my games are bought/pre-ordered online, and I normally wait a few months before taking the plunge with a new console.

  6. in a head-on crash between a black hatchback and a silver urban assault bike guess who lost?


    funny what goes through your mind as you lay in the middle of the road too frightened to open your eyes, in case your leg is wrapped around the back of your head or something, and where do all those people come from?? at least i held up rush hour traffic -haha- i refused the ambulance, cos i'm a roughy toughy :D

    now where did i put that claims direct number?

    *smirks/winces/looks at swollen bits/winces/laughs as elephant tranquilisers kick in*

    at least GTpsp turned up! :P

  7. @tone

    you ok mate? Did the prospect of GTPSP being at home numb the pain?

  8. Hope you're ok Toughtone! At least now you have a genuine excuse to stay at home and play games.

  9. thanks guys.

    yeah i'm not too bad, gonna be sore in the morning though :) looks like i'm smuggling boiled eggs under my skin in parts. spent the afternoon laying on the sofa driving my little virtual GT cars around until the evil power led started flashing for a recharge.

    the irony of pretending to have a doctors appointment then getting smushed is not lost on me. :)

    i was quite impressed by my ragdoll physics as i launched over the car -hehheh-

    these painkillers are pretty sweet too. work great with grolsh....

  10. ouchy ouchy Toughtone - these are the reasons I refuse any form of physical exercise

  11. Last time I had a day off for a game... metal gear solid 4, claimed I had uncontrollable diarrhoea and therefore couldn't work in the hospital...good times

    Jeez tone! do what a sane lazy manchild like me does, buiy it off the PSN store for 21 note, imagine the hassle saved :P, If your needing any meds feel free to ask, i can give you toothpaste or something

    As for the PS3 launch, I just got MrJimmy to pick mine up and deliver it

    Life is sweet (prays to not get hit by car)

  12. @ mittens - you can install the UMD to a memory stick, took a smidge over 1Gb and 20 minutes to do!, yeah but i saved 3 quid :) is it just me or do you think the handling is better when you use the in-car view? i like the fact if you stray from the racing line things get a bit squirrley.

    am in a nice painkiller induced bubble today.
    time for a coffee i think.

  13. looks like us EU folk can no longer get into the US store.


  14. Sorry to hear about your injuries MT. Get well soon!

  15. @MT- yeah the handling does seem slightly tighter when using the in car view, a tad strange...what really gets at me is the whole buying cars from 3 dealers a day...errrrrrr why!?

  16. the random dealership.. maybe it's to add some variation to the game. i'm not sure about all the tracks being unlocked from the start either, like there's nothing really to aim for except buying 5 squillion cars ready for when GT5 comes out.

    the replay theater is odd, saving them by track rather than a nice list, takes ages to find one again if you're not sure what track it was on.

    got half a dozen cars so far, two serious, the GT Polyphony Nissan skyline and the limited Mitsi Evo VI TM edition. then i grabbed some old classics, pre70s jobs and a renault 5 v6 turbo (in blue) for the small tracks.

    enjoying it so far, showed it to someone last night and got 'it's not as good as SHiFT!' as a reply. depends what you want from a car game i guess. maybe after 5 years of waiting the shine has faded a bit, but it's still an amazing little game.

  17. It is cool, kinda addictive pokemon style, hopefully i'll rack up a tonne of cars before march 2010 (fingers crossed!)...but why!? why! NO ONLINE PLAY- come on its almost 2010

    think I might see how it fares on the ad-hoc party app on the tried it yet?

  18. ad-hoc, the download from the jap Store thingy. will have to look to see if i can find it on there, my japanese isn't hot :) what do i look for? i mean, where have they hidden it.

    my psp grips turned up today, feels much nicer to hold, if a little not pocket friendly anymore :)

  19. got the ad-hoc app' nobody online though :(