Friday, 2 October 2009

£££ PSP minis £££

Let's look at the equation (rounding up pennies)

Manhunt 2 for PSP - £10. Seems pretty fair, might go for that....

minis - £2.50 to £4. Umm, let me see now...

I can't get excited about any of the minis, if there were at least a couple for £2 tops, I might have bought them for the hell of it. Outside the impulse purchase bracket for me. If I happen to hear one is worthwhile, sure I may get it, but at the moment - nope.

As a total diehard Sony gamer since PS1, the PSP has never really woken up for me, I still have the original PSP1000, half a dozen UMDs and no download purchases. Sure it would be different if I took a train to work, but I'm just not there.

I've bought more games for myself on my daughters' ninty DS and more for her Wii (yes, there is a Wii in the MrJimmy household. And an Amiga A500)

Sony seem to have FINALLY found their proper sales and marketing stride with the PS3 slim, everyones talking about it - but for me, PSP is still trailing. Am I right or an idiot?



  1. @MrJimmy

    You're right - but still an idiot ;) - kisses

    I have been soooo close to buying a pspgo. Even had one preordered with Tesco for a while. But then as seems to be the case with you, it would probably never get used.

    I used to have a DS when I commuted to Leeds on the train every day, but as soon as I switched jobs it got sold on.

    Pretty spot on with your comments re: mini prices too. Great thing about the app store is that most games will get a lite version, not sure if this is gonna be the case with psp store. Saying all that, I get a bonus next month so you never know...:)

    Very tempted by the Slim though. Reckon I could just about cover the cost by selling my 40GB-er with some older games on eBay.

    Keep seeing loads of Sony adverts too. Loving the short one for UC2 (reakt will be pleased to know I finished the original on hard this week). Everytime I watch it I say to myself 'yeah, go Nate!!!'

    You tresure-hunting-mother-funker

  2. @PA, whats the slim appeal, I dont get it - loads of my mates seem to want one as an upgrade - what did I miss? I have a 60GB and upgraded the HD, it still looks like new, I like the look...

  3. @Jimmy - I agree with you about the price of the minis. I thought the idea behind it was a cheaper version of the SDK / devkit allowing smaller development houses with much smaller budgets to get in on the action. Smaller budgets and smaller games (limited to 100 megs) are faster to produce and therefore should retail for a lot less than the cost of bigger games. I could spend the same money on much better content on the PSN store. If Sony really want to try to compete with the itunes store (app store for iphone / ipod touch) then they're going about it the wrong way. The reason there's so many downloads from there is because the content is so cheap (most of it) and the reason for that is because the development costs (for amateurs) is next to nothing.

    Also, I've not played my PSP in years (literally!) When I did play it, I was more interested in playing emulators like the SNES one, for the nostalgia element (SF2!) and the novelty of having that nostalgia available to me on the move. Bored of it now.

    @Pablo - congrats on beating Uncharted on crushing. Have you (or any other guys here) been playing the beta for the sequel much? I've had trouble joining a game tonight ;(

  4. my poor PSP doesn't get much love, you can't really play one while riding a bike into work :) and at home i have teh other consolez, so sitting their squinting at a 4" screen seems a bit daft, and if you whip it out in the pub and start fiddling you get some odd looks. but if you do the same with an iphone you're safe, i don't get it. :\

    if you could play the minis etc. on both PSP and PS3 off the same download, like the PSX classics i may have gone for some.

    and yeah, i'm sticking with my upgraded launch PS3 big and phat rather then slim down.