Friday, 23 October 2009

Technical Difficulties

As some of the regulars, weird, pigeon shouting mad folk and general passers by may or may not have noticed the Unofficial ThreeSpeech servers imploded early this morning vanishing in a singularity up their own T1000 Ethernet cable. This of cause has nothing to do with the arrival of the latest member of the U3S team, i am talking of Kai, cable specialist and stealth ninja, you should have all got the memo in your inbox, if you didn't read it -meh-

let me restate, Kai's arrival and the imploding server. not connected.

So, as i was busy with various things yesterday - what did you get off the PSN Store, what floated your boat? have you stopped playing Uncharted 2 yet? are you getting Windows 7? will you see me at any time during the next week after i load Borderlands? why the hell did my feedreader load everything twice?


"I'm asking for a quick invite, to drop you some loot," said the voice message at 1 p.m. "You were on my list; I have to cross you off." It was Mikey Neumann, the Gearbox Software creative director.

Neumann, you might recall, promised three weeks ago to "play BLs with you and give you loot" if you preordered Borderlands and showed him proof. I and somewhere north of 200 people took him up on the offer. Thursday, Neumann found me - just a level 7 hunter out trying to retrieve some guy's missing fake leg in Skag Gully - and proceeded to deliver on his commitment to all Borderlands day-one buyers, myself included.

"Here you go, dude," said Neumann, who plays as a Level 50 Hunter - the maximum. And suddenly the Pandoran's Guns & Ammo fantasy came to life at my feet. The DVL Pearl Sniper (Level 28); an LB U Blast Wrath sniper rifle (level 25). Plus a Ranger class mod that I can't use until I hit level 22. Right now I'm wondering whether to sell or hoard them. They do carry a serious price tag.

"Nah, don't worry," Neumann said when I shamefacedly asked if there was anything I could offer in return. "I have so much stuff. I've got like $1.5 million in cash already. It costs me $220,000 at the New U station when I respawn."


  1. Borderlands is growing on me.....

    Shit you not, I'm heading to the local A&E in about 20minutes as it's sticking out my back!

  2. I saw your pussy and I liked it!

    See how Sir Puss gets on with eye pet, looking forward to impressions from the new member.