Sunday, 18 October 2009

Nixie Pixel: do not give her coffee, EVER! :)

And in sad news today the overlords at GamePro have stopped writing the cheques to keep GameGirl running. I'd like to think of them as our female counterparts in the gaming blog world, i hope a few of the girls decided to start new projects in the future, who knows, maybe they'll do an Unoffical GameGirl blog :) it's a shame to see them go and a sad day for them after 2 years of bringing a smile to our faces.

GamePro has decided to focus their attention on the main site: This sadly means as of today they are closing all their blogfaction sites, GameGirl included. We can't thank you the readers enough. You are the reason we wrote, who we wrote for. Thank you so much.
- GameGirl

Game Over.


  1. I really need to brain fart now...

  2. That video is a concrete example of why not to have sex with close relatives!

    Sad to hear about GameGirls. It's scary when even blogs get downsized. Maybe get them to write posts here - they could be the "Game ThreeSpeech Girls" (unofficially, of course)!

  3. Little off topic, but you should see how I chucked to see Uncharted 2 for 50 bones in Game.

    it was quite an amusing little laugh.

  4. Seriously, just how much effort does it take to run a blog? poor lasses. i wonder if they have a female version of Sketch who'll carry on commenting in the same last post for the next 6 months ;P

    Sony were dropping Uncharted 2 'sponsored' programs all over Discovery channel yesterday.

    Go Team Discovery!

    Game, i have chuckled in there too at the prices :)

    wrist support off today, and back to work after the car vs bike experiment. earned myself many many cars in GTpsp though.

  5. @Tone

    I take pride in commenting in 6 month old posts!!!!

  6. @tone

    who's writing our cheques?

  7. @ Sketchy - don't we all. :) i wonder how long they're gonna keep the Semi-Offical Site in a permanant vegetive state.

    @ pablo - Somalian pirates send us Western Union money orders every month.

  8. Six hours for sleep,
    Six hours for sex,
    and the other 12 hours are for cashing our cheques

  9. "...wrist support..."

    Boy-gamer giggle.



    PS. Nixie needs seeing to.

    Marks out of ten for this video? I'd give her one.